Comparison Essay Marcus Aurelius vs

Politically, Cicerone’s ideals reflected on both Marcus Aurelia’s and Commodes in various distinct ways. Marcus Aurelia’s and Commodes were men that ruled the empire of Rome and their governance had a profound impact in the Roman history. However while Marcus Aurelia’s was a grown just, benevolent man who fought for the power Of Rome and successfully won the battle, Commodes was young, ignorant, cruel ruler, who demanded respect soon after he took position as emperor, and seriously weakened Roman Empire.

Marcus Aurelia’s and Commodes, two powerful men in Roman history, were both determine and single- minded men in what they desired. Focused on heir solid definition of fine leadership and ruling. Marcus Aurelia’s wanted to acquire Romeos freedom from the war against the Germans. He himself carried on with a war against the Germans with the Marooning, as an ally. With the greatest labor and patience Marcus Aurelia’s persevered for three long years to greatly end the war.

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In contrast to Marcus Aurelia’s, Commodes wanted to become a powerful emperor after the death of his father. Commodes wanted reverence, therefore Commodes assassinated any prosperous men who could possibly take his place in Roman Empire. For he as guilty for many deaths of great people. Among them Commodes killed the General Maximum and his family; for Maximum had a great reputation for learning, military skill, brotherly accord, and wealth. Both Marcus Aurelia’s and Commodes had their individual views of supremacy for the well- being of Rome.

While Marcus Aurelia’s actions before and after the victorious war demonstrated the traits of an honest benevolent man, Commodes malevolent actions only demanded honor and respect from his people, to then take a prestigious civilization into a complete disaster. Marcus Aurelia’s aired on a war against the Germans. With the Marooning and Marcus Aurelia’s’ greatest labor and patience Marcus persevered for many years to end the war successfully. After the war, Marcus Aurelia’s faced major conflict.

As the treasury was drained by the war, Romeos emperor had no money to give his soldiers. However Marcus Aurelia’s didn’t gave up and he didn’t lay any extra tax on the provinces or Senate, also selling all of his imperial furniture and decorations to sustain the Roman Empire for two successive months, demonstrating he was “merciful after the victory”. Commodes was responsible for multiple deaths during his period of rule. Commodes murdered any prosperous men who could possibly take his place in Roman Empire. Therefore he turned over to murder every time men opposed to him.

During his time of ruling over two thousand people died a day in Rome. Additionally, Commodes demanded Rome to be name after him, for Commodes declared that he had to receive such honor. Room?s people opposed and expressed that Commodes’ name was only a curse for the Roman civilization. Marcus Aurelia’s appreciated the lives of his followers and dint let them die in one of Romeos worst times, Commodes saw everyone below subordinate to him, believing their lives were worthless and that only him shall receive respect.

While Marcus Aurelia’s had an honest and ethical way of governing, that gain him the respect and admittance of the Roman citizens, Commodes devious and cruel way of ruling only gain him the abomination and dislike of his people. Commodes seeded the glories and spoils of success without needing to apply the effort. He was culpable for over two thousand deaths a day, among them thousands who opposed to his merciless decisions. The death of the victims however passed unheeded for Commodes set greater curse to the Romans than any crime.

He ordered the Rome itself to be called Comedians, to represent that he had complete and total power among them, for they were subservient to him. For these reasons his guards laid plans to attack Commodes. The guards sent Narcissus, an athlete and wrestler, to strangle Commodes to death. Therefore ending the curse that Commodes had set among Rome. Marcus Aurelia’s rather than seeking personal fame and honor among his people, he seeks various accomplishments such as freedom, peace and success for Rome during war against the Greeks.