Comparison of The United States and Europe

A Comparison of The United States and Europe

            The United States of America and Europe are what we could consider as the two of the most influential places in the globe. Their influence had been so immense that some other places view the US and Europe as their basis for standard living. A comparison of the United States of America and Europe would tell us that both places are just as significant as the other. In terms of land mass, a quick look would lead us to think that the two are almost equivalent in size. However, Europe has a slightly larger land area than the US.  In the aspect of economics, it is not unknown that the US has the upper-hand over the European economy. There is definitely a difference in terms of economic strength between the two places. Moreover, the US dollar is a more widely accepted monetary unit than the Euro. Although it is arguable, Europe is a more tourist destination than the US.

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The latter is more perceived as a destination for business rather than pleasure. Europe had contributed to the development of humanity through ideas and art. On the other hand, the United States of America had contributed to the world technological advancements and a language that could be understood by many. It is essential to note that these contributions are very useful to all the nations of the world. Through the endeavors of Europeans we have art, and through the US we have the English language. We could say that art and the English language enables the whole world to communicate with one another. Regardless of the similarities and dissimilarities, both the United States of America and Europe has its own charm. Although the two have many differences when contrasted, both had significant contributions to the whole world.


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