An Associates Degree is a degree were you’re only required to receive a minimum of two years of college education. Typically this degree can be obtained at a local community college.

The course work of an DAN program covers the fundamentals of the basic courses, prepping you with the necessary knowledge and skills for an entry-level job. The coursework of an associates degree in nursing covers the following general subjects: fundamentals of nursing, infection control, nutrition and dietetics, basic microbiology, basic medical nursing, pediatric nursing, and more Neurons EDUCE).First step of entering Into the nursing program, one must apply. In order to be eligible to be a nursing student: 1) You must be a high school graduate and at least eighteen years old 2) You must be able to obtain official transcript records.

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You must also have a GAP of at least 2. 0 from a scale of 4. 0 to qualify for enrollment (Snubs EDUCE). 3) Must be able to obtain a reference 4) Pass a criminal background check(Snubs EDUCE). 5) Must be able to pass a drug test Neurons EDUCE). 6) Successfully pass the entry level exam.This test assesses knowledge in reading, vocabulary, grammar, and math (Snubs EDUCE). An associates degree in nursing is one good stepping stone in the academic phase of nursing.

Some advantages of taking the DAN program is because it’s less expensive and it’s less time consuming. Typical college students are young to middle aged adults that have a families to provide for. To be successful In this program you have to dedicate two hours outside of class time per each credit the class Is worth 0 CONTAIN EDUCE NURSE). An example of this is, a person is enrolled in a four credit class.To be successful in that course you have to put in a minimum of eight hours outside of class time. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BBS) is a degree that typically takes up to four years o complete.

Although, nurses who have already obtained and associates degree in nursing can receive their BBS in less than two years. BBS prepares nurses for a variety of professional rolls and graduate studies. The course work of a BBS program covers, nursing science, research, leadership, and related sciences that inform the practice of nursing.At this point a BBS degree is not required but more and more jobs are requiring you to have your BBS before hire. Some advantages off BBS degree Is that you will have more opportunities to grow such as administrative, search, manager, consulting and teaching positions, that would not usually be available to those without the degree.

Another advantage to obtaining a BBS Is that Its a stepping stone to galling your masters degree. You can gal. your MANS Walton a year after completing your BBS 0 CONTAIN EDUCE NURSE).With a BBS you also receive more pay and better Job offers.

Using a patient scenario I experienced, while working as a URN. At the start of my shift, I get report and do my rounds. One of the first tasks on my list is to check my blood sugars. I go to check on a patient by the name JP. JSP blood glucose was 350.

I check his history within the last few days and they were in normal range. I give JP his sliding scale novella without doing a focused assessment. The nurse manager approaches me and asks me why didn’t I let her know what was going on with this patient.