Computer workers hold is a Bachelor’s degree. Male

   Computer science is the study of manipulating, managing, transforming and encoding information.

It’s the scientific approach to computers, the study of structure, expression, representation, process, storage, communication of, and access to information. There are many different areas in computer science.  A few fields, includes the complex computer concept (which explores the basic properties of studies relating to computers and difficult problems), and fields consisting of pc graphics emphasizing real life visual diagrams.  Other fields focus on challenges in applying and putting code into effect. Computer science will alter the future.            Computer science could be done by anyone of any age.

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“Demographic information on those who earn a degree in Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services in the US. The average age of a person in the workforce with a degree in Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services is 40.2, and the most common degree type these workers hold is a Bachelor’s degree. Male employees are more likely to hold Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services degrees, and White Students earn the majority (11,670) of the degrees.” (          The first black person to become a computer scientist was Clarence “Skip” Ellis and I believe that he should be the inspiration to all African Americans to give computer science a shot because he was raised on the tough south side section of Chicago he took a graveyard shift job as a computer operator who couldn’t work on computers because of his supervisor, so he was stuck on menial tasks.

So his hardship is what made him wanna go all out and teach the unprivileged in the computer science field. Also there should be more female in the field but do to discrimination and not having that role model at a young age there are less women in this field.          The world we live in now is the world of the Digital Age. Computer programs have all but infiltrated every aspect of our lives. Computer scientists theorise, design, develop, and apply the software and hardware for the programs we use every single day from the microwaves you use to cook too the cars we drive. Every industry uses computers so naturally computer scientists can work in any industry, problems in science, engineering, health care, and so many other areas can be solved by computers, they can use their knowledge to come up with a creative solution to solve any problem. Computer scientists are in demand and their salaries reflects this, recent graduates in professional roles earn on average $103,160 a year.

(          You’ll notice down the chart in the link computer science students stand a pretty good chance of being professionally employed or in further study within 6 months of leaving a university. (https://www.thecompleteuniversityguide. “My problem solving skills have become immensely better after becoming a computer science major. In fact, now everything I think of as a problem. Running late this morning? I break the problem down: what is going to take the most time, and how can I effectively cut corners to avoid wasting time? My parents often rely on me to fix anything technologically related (television, phones, you name it). I approach every issue as a software problem: what could be wrong? Look for the symptoms of the problem, see where it shows up. Understand the system, what could be causing it.

And then usually, I can get the solution.” said Vinamrata Singal, a sophomore majoring in computer science at Stanford. ( This is an example of how computer science can help you, it’s not just a good major and something to get good money with it’s also beneficial to real life situations.         One day the study of computer science will save people and our agriculture. This is a strong argument because the 21 century is already on the railroad to a technological future and too start it off it’s saving people with prosthetics.

Another reason this is a strong argument is because the computer science field could help a lot of people from farming to things like preparing poultry. Also computer science could revolutionize the medical field and get rid of medicine that temporarily work.            To support my argument about computer science altering the future prosthetics will come into play. One reason prosthetics will come into play is starting with the people with certain birth defects, like blindness at birth for example. Doctors have been studying a way to make a prosthesis eye with near normal sight and they were successful in doing so in 2012 with mice. They can do so by studying the neural code that allows the retina to translate signals from photoreceptors into meaningful images.

Another reason prosthetics come into play is for times when people become handicap due to reasons like illness or war or when people become paralysed. (https://www.livescience.

com) Scientist have already made the technology to make people walk and feel due to prosthetics but back in 2015 they have developed a way to make a paralyzed man feel again.  They did so by connecting the prosthetic hand directly to his brain, this enabling him to feel again according to researchers at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). This proves my point since now in the present moment our science can do so much with damaged limbs but in the future with the help of computer science we can improve damaged limbs and make the body even better.

         Another way to support my argument about computer science altering the future is combing the knowledge of agriculture and computer science. One way this can revolutionize the world is when scientists plant trials to see how seeds performs in certain fields, the technology makes recommendations on where to plant for the best outcomes. This could also be beneficial to the harvest times because the technology streams and analyzes yield data directly from the combine.

This combination of computer science and agriculture is essential to meet the challenges of producing enough food with fewer resources to feed a growing population. The advanced developments won’t just allow them to create better produce for the growing population, but their digital tools themselves give a layout to the population to utilize information science and the “Internet of Things” to improve their farms. (          The last support for our argument about computer science altering the future is changing the medical field. One way this can revolutionize the world is by advancing the current medicine with up to date nanotech to heal injuries faster and more effectively.  Nanomedicine is the medicine that consist of repairing, controlling, and construction on a cellular level.

This evolution from the past can help with microscopic injuries that we couldn’t see or handle before. “I found many adverse side effects stemming from the usage of statin drugs, and through this work saw a new path for my research using computer science techniques to understand human biology, in particular the relationship between nutrition and health,” said Dr. Stephanie Seneff. This proves my point since computer science helped her understand more of the human body so she could be more open with her research.          There are many other ways that computer science could alter the future, the field of computer science could accelerate the foundation of our growth.

This could begin with better protection of our people, animals and organizations. After the protection it could lead onto furthering our education. When that’s all well and done we could go onto the communication aspect.

         The computer science field can alter the future by better protecting our people, animals and organizations. In the lives of an average person computer science have helped them without most even knowing from their car alarm going off to warn the owner of sneaky burglar, to those porch lights that come on when people walk past your home and even those little things like smoke detectors and security systems. In the lives of an organization it could be more than just a little alarm, this could range from motion activated cameras to a giant motherboard that connects all the work computers to a single interface. With animals computer science could protect them by studying and analyzing the habits to know and understand where and how they live for a more peaceful environment or even go too making and exact replica for seriously injured animals.          Furthering the civilization’s education is another way that computer science could alter the future. For teachers dealing with large classrooms, there is not always enough time to spend with individual students, so computers can serve as a tutor for the students. Many educational websites are designed to tutor students, providing everything from step-by-step explanations to interactive problems.

Many online tools can be used by teachers to make learning more fun, interesting, and easy to understand. Teachers can add flavor to any lesson, whether with additional pictures and videos of a concept being taught, or with 3-D programs, animations, and other educational tools to keep them more focus and interesting in learning.          Communications has been a turning points for us since the war times and computer science is improving it daily. “During the past, companies and small business used to face a lot difficulty in informing their consumers about a new product. A company had to pay for expensive door to door marketing which could even take a lot of time to yield results. Nowadays, things have become simple, through email subscriptions, companies will have data for most consumers, so if they introduce a new item or service.

The company will draft one email with details about a new service or product and that message will be delivered to all consumers in a minute. Now their companies online specializing in this type of communication.” ( This is showing that in the past it would be hard to communicate but now we got things like our phones which can send call and text around the world in the blank of an eye. It also enables us to use websites and apps like kik, instagram, facebook and twitter too keep in contact with our friends, families, employers no matter the distance.          Computer science can even alter the future to a global level. So the field of computer science can go beyond earth and continue to make sure our world advance.

This could start by giving us ways to stop global warming. Then go to ways of stopping Earth from being hit from outside forced. Lastly it could get us to the world more vast than ours.             The field of computer science could help us stop and or avoid a devastating global warming. “The most obvious way programmers can help is by developing tools that can handle the massive datasets and earth-system models required to simulate a changing climate. Many of these models are run on customized and constantly-evolving supercomputer systems, which can make reproducing individual experiments almost impossible.

” ( This shows that computer science is already on the way of helping us get ready and or prepare for anything the changing climate would throw at us by using the supercomputer system. This supercomputer also is constantly evolving so they can observe and check for times of devastating heat or frost-bound nights.

         The field of computer science could also stop the earth from getting hit by an outside force. When trying to stop an outside force scientist must use geometrics (which is a combination of geography and computer science) to pinpoint and locate the course of the said foreign object etc an asteroid. They use a five step system to make sure that the asteroid doesn’t make a collision with the earth, these five steps are: Find, Track, Characterize, Deflect, and Collaborate/Educate. “Finding and tracking near-Earth objects that pose of hazard of impacting Earth; Characterizing those objects to determine their orbit trajectory, size, shape, mass, composition, rotational dynamics and other parameters, so that experts can determine the severity of the potential impact event, warn of its timing and potential effects, and determine the means to mitigate the impact; and planning and implementation of measures to deflect or disrupt an object on an impact course with Earth, or to mitigate the effects of an impact that cannot be prevented. Mitigation measures that can be taken on Earth to protect lives and property include evacuation of the impact area and movement of critical infrastructure.” (https://www.          The biggest thing that computer science can do is help us find a world suitable for us and make space travel possible. “Heriberto Reynoso’s summer internship is taking him one step closer to the moon. Reynoso is working with the Mobility and Manipulation group at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to build software that will help engineers on a proposed mission called MoonRise. The mission would be the first U.S.

and NASA robotic mission to return lunar samples to Earth.” ( This can provide the astronauts with a simulation of how the journey of space travel will be so they can make adjustments for the astronauts to have a safe travel to the moon and beyond. Also we also developed and improved the space shuttle so much that it’s able to get to Mars or Europa (a planet similar to Earth) and discover planets that’s livable.          The world as we know it is always changing. The field of computer science is one thing that will help us advance into a civilization that can fight its own illnesses and end world hunger.

The world and the universe may be small right now with the knowledge that we own but as we prosper with computer science the universe will be just as known as a place we ventured too.