ContributionsRobert new opportunity for his workers. His contributions

ContributionsRobert Owen is known in history as a businessman of textile but his interest in education lead him to venture at New Lanark and help pioneer infant schools and because of it he considered to be a great contribution to  an  what we now recognize as community schooling method. He was known for his compassion and creating new opportunity for his workers. His contributions went beyond the four factories he own. He was a firm believer in creating  the right environment to help develop rational, good humane people and that people were corrupted by the harsh way they were treated. He also did not believe in physical punishment in schools and factories.

He created a school on New Lanark where about 2,000 people lived in. He was a firm believer that education was a big part of the type of people he wanted to develop. He was believed to be one of the first person to create a daycare. The greatest lessons owen wished for the kids was “that life may be enjoyed  and that each may make his own happiness consistent with that of all the other” Margarete Cole was interested in Robert  Owens educational ideas and they way thing should be natural and spontaneous and that the children should enjoy it. He believed in a open setting classroom. He forbade any type of punishment or harsh words, he implemented civics, environment,dancing, Music, Drill.

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He focused on thing that were Practical and relevant. His contributions with education are countless but are not limited. In his institution people would be able to visualize and learn about the  Lancastrian plan form for desks. Learn about the different rooms and see the different subjects to offer the children to learn about zoological, gallery, Learn about the world. His  a great example of the school system we have now with his believe of not to beat any one of the children or to threaten them in any word or action or to use abusive terms; but were always to speak to them with a pleasant voice and in a kind manner.