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When I tot to Branch 24, I felt suddenly curious about the signs posted beside the doors of the court room. I wonder what those signs for. I drew nearer to it and then I knew what those are.

Those were court calendars where you can see all the schedule of the vista hearings on that day. The first time I stepped my foot on the court room, the stack of paper files on both sides of the room caught my attention. Those files contains the letters and numbers of pending cases.

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Due to my inquisitive behavior, I notice the wall in front which resembles a barrier; a barrier that separates the immunity to the court – a home where Justice resides. When the vista started, the legal researcher Mrs.. Maria Christina Alveolar – Cruz Introduced the presiding Judge, Hon.. Ana Marie Jason – Vitro.

Everyone has stood up as the court began typographer. After the prayer, the branch clerk of the court spoke for the call to order Tatty. Eileen Morale – Save, followed by the trial. The most common case in Branch 24 Is the violation of the Sec. 5, Art.

1 of RA 9165 also known the comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002. At the presentations of the evidence, a variety of drugs were shown such a methamphetamine (color blue), marijuana (cannabis satin), opium, amphetamine, and others. That was my first time seeing various kinds of drugs, I admit. Being Involve In such act of crime was really of burden. As I continued my observation In Branch 24, I became knowledgeable about the severity of the penalties for the prohibited drugs and Its effect on their families.

When the hearing started, I managed to sit near the detainee.Though the detainee looks Innocent, the law has till the control as In the presumption of Innocent and as the saying goes, sometimes, looks can be deceiving. I pity those people somehow specially their families who were left behind. But law clearly states that the Ignorance of the law excuses no one. No matter whom you are, regardless of your money, a crime Is a depth and It has to be paid. When we run out of time to achieve the specified time allotment of 40 hours, our group decided to go to Branch 26 headed by presiding Judge Johnnies R. D.

Mendoza.Our group was so lucky to be able to go to Branch 26 where the cases were rape, child abuse, and such. It was very emotional In that branch especially In the cross examination. I learned a lot from this opportunity. This experience answered my questions and made me well – Informed In a court room setting. At school, you only got to study about looks and theories but In experienced, you can see the world as It I, you can witness the actual occurrence of something which looks cannot be describe.

Therefore, I conclude that the best way to learn Is by experience.