Crime In South Africa Oral

Mitchell Plain, In the Western Cape, reports the most Incidents. It’s interesting to know that the world average for murder is 7. 6 per 100 000 people. Murder in South Africa, is 36. 5, per 100 000. This means that, on average, over 43 people are being murdered every day! Did you know that Zulu -Natal is actually considered the highest murder province in South Africa? In fact, our province is infamous for so many wrong reasons. The drug, honing, has its origins on our doorstep; right here in Durban! Over 400 crimes that are reported daily are actually drug related.

A lack of basic education and drug-related Information has contributed greatly to this. Then, on the other hand, we have poverty and urban deterioration, whilst government officials continue to line their pockets. A common example of late, Is the Anodal project. Jackie Sessile, the previous police commissioner and Interpol chief was convicted for our country. One can literally get away with murder! Even foreigners are fully aware of this and are taking full advantage of the lawlessness in our country. Take the DETAIN case, for example. I mean, the man came all the way from England to kill his fife on OUR soil!

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And now, we’re paying millions to fly him back into our country, with a private Jet to top it all! Most of our vehicles from car hijackings are being smuggled and sold in Macaque. When a criminal feels he’s better off in prison and deliberately commits petty crimes, shortly after being released, so as to return to prison, then you must know Just how corrupt things are. By their own admission, they have more rights and facilities available in prison then out! Law and disorder will continue in our country according to Just how much we decide we want to put up with it