Criteria Paper

Players like Allen Iverson who is best known for being one of the most versatile point guards in NAB history, but he s also not considered to be the greatest athlete in NAB history because he never won an NAB championship. Lastly Tim Duncan the power forward for the San Antonio Spurs who has won five NAB championships as well has made millions Of dollars over his 17 career in the NAB, but he is also not considered to be the greatest NAB because Tim Duncan is looked at by society as a player that is good but good because there are other very good players on his team as well.

According to Emmanuel Alternator “Michael Jordan is widely known as the game’s greatest player-?and for good reason” (Alternator). The reason Michael Jordan is considered to be the greatest NAB player is because he fit all the required criteria such as: his influence in society, his athleticism, and how successfully he is financially. Michael Jordan a 50 year old man who is now a retired player from the NAB and an owner of the Charlotte Hornets (Michael Jordan -Post Retirement) still has a heavy influence in society.

The first being that a lot of the players in the NAB now all grew up watching Michael Jordan on television in the ass’s. Many people learned certain basketball skills by watching Michael Jordan and popping his moves. Michael Jordan not only effected the players who play basketball in the NAB, Michael Jordan is widely viewed as the major cause for the globalization of basketball all around the world. Jordan impact in Chicago was immediate “attendance at Chicago Stadium rose 87 percent in 1984-85” (Harriman Para 5).

Cordon’s impact on the NAB was great for many reasons but his impact on society is much greater such as giving many young people hope and determination due to the fact that Jordan was cut from his varsity team but, never give up on his dream to play basketball and eventually got a scholarship to play basketball so he gave the youth reasons to never give up if things do not happen the way you want them. Michael Jordan financial success is another major reason he is considered to be the greatest NAB player ever.

During his time playing basketball Jordan had many endorsements none bigger than his Nikkei deal which changed the landscape of how endorsements worked in the NAB. “Jordan took the court his rookie year in 1 984 in a pair of red and black Air Cordon’s, which matched the Bulls’ uniforms, but did not feature any white per NAB protocol. The ague banned the shoes and fined Michael $5,000 every game for wearing them. Nikkei covered the fines and capitalized on the attention” (Badness’s). Jordan continued to wear the Nikkei air Jordan shoes, then eventually get rid of the protocol and players were allowed to wear any shoe the player show fit.

Air Jordan franchise yielded more than 100 million dollars in March 1985. According to Sportsperson a retail tracking firm “In 2012, the Jordan brand sold $2. 5 billion worth of shoes at retail… Air Cordon’s made up 58 percent of all basketball shoes bought in the U. S. And 77 percent of all kids’ settable shoe” (Reveal). Michael Jordan is considered to be the greatest NAB player ever because of his success financially and his impact on society but he could only accomplish those fetes with his athleticism.

Michael Jordan was drafted in 1984 at that time in the NAB most shooting guards were 62 to 64 when Michael Jordan was drafted he stood at a towering 6’6 (Michael Jordan – Personal Information) and he had a wingspan of 6. 9 feet also with a 46 inch vertical, something nobody had ever seen at that position. Cordon’s athleticism was dollied by many people especially after the 1 988 dunk notes were he beat Dominique Wilkins in Chicago with one of the most famous dunks ever with the free throw line dunk, which made many people Start to call him Air Jordan because of his soaring ability through the air with his dunks (Michael Jordan Para 2).

In his career Michael Jordan won 6 NAB championships never going to a 7th game in a series, was awarded multiple accolades such as: NAB Most Valuable Player five times, Jordan is only one of four guards to ever win a defensive player of the year award also Jordan is the only guard to win a defensive player of the year award and NAB Most Valuable player award in their career (NAB Defensive Player of the Year Award Para 3). In saying that Michael Jordan athletes is a major reason why he is widely considered the Nab’s greatest player.

Michael Jordan fits my criteria for being the greatest NAB player ever due to the fact that his financial success. According to Wisped “Jordan is one of the most marketed sports figures in history. He has been a major spokesman for such brands as Nikkei, Coca-Cola, Chevrolet, Storage, McDonald’s, Ball Park Franks, Arrival, Wheat’s, Hands, and MIMIC” (Michael Jordan -Media Figure) which has led him to millions of dollars in his career. Another reason he fits my criteria is his athleticism which was second to none, Cordon’s athleticism was the reason he inherited the name Air Jordan.

Lastly his impact on society was the main reason why feel like Michael Jeffery Jordan is the greatest NAB player ever. Michael Jordan is the main reason why basketball is a global sport and why the NAB is considered the best basketball league; his impact on the NAB is truly remarkable considered that through his play on the basketball court he has inspired hundreds of thousands of people some that lay in the NAB and others that do not. That is why I feel Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player ever.