Looking back on situations in one’s life, one cannot help but to reflect on the changes that could have been made. One is always in regret and dreams an imaginary scenario about what could have happened and what should have happened. Would it not be better to look into the past as appoint of information to adjust the present so in order not to repeat the same “mistakes”? (Unless addiction or other mental health issues cover elsewhere).

Or look into the future and plan how to get to your point B? Instead of dreaming that you have already reached your goal! Most people ant and live in frustration in wanting to achieve their goals. But the majority also do not know where they are at point A and struggle to reach point B. Self-development is about being realistic and preparing for sacrifice. Take getting into AY -Joanna for instance.

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The same heart and mind set is till used to dream of Al- Joanna, even though there are set criteria, curricula and exams to get there. The person who leaves things until the last minute and then takes the exam believes that with some possibility they will get the grades needed Just like the person who studies hard and lives humbly that they will get the grades needed. If the former continues with that heart and mind-set, will they be prepared for the final exam In the grave?

The standard one sets for themselves or has been set for them, by parents, peers, schooling, T. V, Life, will the same standard which will dictate how they live the rest of their life. For example, they will choose their spouse according to that belief, or their career, or how they deal with any relationship be it family, work or friendship. The real questions are do you know your strengths and weaknesses, do you know why you choose what you choose? Do you know why you get angry?

And I do not mean the justification one gives, “they said this or they did that” because one has to take responsibility for their action, everyone has a choice to react or not, otherwise we are no better than a child’s reaction to a disliked situation. Do you know why you get emotional, or take things personal? When a person takes their self-development seriously and responsibility they will understand their emotional and mental makeup. So what Is self-development? By Ramirez 122 that heart and mind-set, will they be prepared for the final exam in the grave? The makeup. So what is self-development?