Critical Review of a painting

Jaycee Park Centre for the Arts, this picture of cowboys rounding up cows on a ranch instantly caught my eye. The picture is a standard size of ex., and is square shaped. It is enclosed within a golden frame, which makes it more conspicuous. I was drawn to the picture by the cowboy who is wearing the red scarf, and sky blue shirt. The artist James Spurious, has used him to capture the observer’s attention by using bold colors on his clothes as opposed to the other two cowboys, ND the cows.

The artist has also created an impression of distance as the cows in the front appear to be large in size. And clearer as compared to the two cowboys in the background. The element of a middle ground is present which is portrayed by the cowboy with the red scarf. He appears to be positioned between the cows in the front, and the other two cowboys in the back. The artist has been able to imply the texture of the cows’ skin using different brush strokes. One can see the roughness of the cows’ skin even without having to touch the smooth oil painted canvas.

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One cannot immediately tell the time of day when the picture was taken. This is because the background is not blue, but rather it is a grayish color, and most probably the cowboys are trying to lead the cows back to their stables for shelter before it rain. In the process of rounding up the cows, the surrounding is filled with dust resulting in the dark gold background. According to this picture, the artist is trying to indicate that there are those individuals who take a lead in controlling a situation.

In this case, the cowboy in the middle seems to be more in charge of the situation than the other two cowboys in the background. Similarly, the same thing happens in reality where some people are more aggressive than others. This type of person always takes a leading role in whatever situation they find themselves. They can manage to solve their problems, and do not rely on other people around them for assistance. The lead cowboy is wearing a blue shirt which is mostly associated with people in leadership positions.

His success in this situation will be achieved if he can manage to round up all the cows into the intended direction. The artist has used a combination of both design principles and visual elements that make it a catching piece of art. My first glance at this picture Just reminded me of the life experienced in such a ranch, in the countryside. One can also imagine the magnitude of noise created by the cows hoofs as they were being led towards their stables. The horses must have also been galloping, and raising their front legs in order to direct the cows towards the squired direction.

This kind of work must entail a lot of effort as it is not easy to control the direction of movement of a large herd of cows. Apart from that, one cannot ignore the cowboy in the middle. Ranches always have a foreman, or the owner who is in charge of the others. In my opinion, the artist was successful in illustrating both content, and composition through this painting. In life, one must stand out and take control over the situations surrounding them. Painting by James R. Spurious