Critical Thinking in Nursing

Though critical thinking has gained popularity since its introduction as a major nursing concept, its consequences and antecedents has remained largely undefined.

In the nursing field, many nursing educators have sought to introduce critical thinking in nursing education in order to quality improvement and assurance in nursing practice. In this sense, it is argued that nurses need to stretch their thinking beyond what they have learned in books in order to reach rational decisions regarding various individuals. This is in line with the fact that many individuals have culturally differences among other differences which make them unique from each other (Turner, 2004, p.

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272).Critical thinking can be defined as the use of core skills of cognitive thinking and justification which is based on evidence. It can be argued to be an attitude of enquiry which involves conceptualization in regard to the relevant field of profession. In nursing, critical thinking is important in respect to its potential impact on care extended to patients. In this context, it is important in enabling nurses to make relevant decisions in an effort to provide optimal care to the patients.

The rapid changes experienced in health care and characterized by influx of new technology demands a new holistic and comprehensive approach in making health care decisions. In essence, the critical thinking is important in that it helps nurses to make relevant decisions in a profession characterized by both procedural and technological changes. Procedures and technology applied in nursing practice is dynamic and needs nurses to apply critical thinking in making health care decisions given the cultural diversity and other differences that exists between various patients (Turner, 2004, p.

277). Human beings are unique and exhibits diverse and unique clinical presentations and consequently, critical thinking is important in making optimal decisions about any given clinical presentation.Reference:Turner, P. (2004). Critical thinking in nursing education and practice as defined in the literature. Nursing Education Perspectives, Vol.

26 (5), 272, 277