CRS book analysis

Is a company which devoted to producing the organic and farmer- owned food, such as veggies, dairy, eggs and meat etc. TLS company practice their social responsibility through setting social responsible standards to their suppliers, providing detail information about their products to customers and creating a sustainable business model to better benefit the whole community.Checklist Item Summary The four items that I choose from the checklist to analyze the company’s social responsibility are as follows: First of all, the responsibility of making things that infinite health. There Is no doubt that the Organic Valley completely meet this policy since all the products of this company are certified organic food. However, people might wonder why the organic food could benefit for people’s health.According to the USDA, the organic food means “Organic agriculture produces products using methods that preserve the environment and avoid most synthetic materials, such as pesticides and antibiotics.

” (2014), In other words, the conventional food that people usually ingest contains too many harmful materials that will gradually hurt humans lath, but the organic food already eliminates those risks for the consumer. Second, the company is transparent regarding the social and environmental impact of their products. According to George L.Simon, the CEO of Organic Valley Corporation, the company establishes the transparency web page to provide the information about their standards of organic food, the policy and positions on organic issues and the progress toward continual Improvement on the farm (2014). So consumers could go to their website and use the Information posted to check whatever Information that e want to know about them straightforwardly. Regarding to the community, the Item that I select to exam is whether the corporation has created a charitable foundation, after studying all the possible information that has posted on their official website. Unfortunately, the company has not created a charitable foundation itself, but there is another fact that I find through the company historical news is that in 2009, the company has donated about $261 ,OOH in cash and the food has been distributed to 108 non-profits organization, like education institutions and some other similar organizations in their local community.

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(“Using PAP”, 2009) It shows that the company at least tries to do something to give back to the local community.With regard to community suppliers, the Item that I decide to prove is that whether the company has set up the social and environmental standard for their suppliers. The suppliers of the company are the farmers from different regions all across the united State. As what I find through Organic Valley, all their suppliers had already exceeded the USDA organic rules, furthermore, the company also set up five additional policies for their “using PAP”, 2009) Relevance to Class Those items that I analyzed above and the concepts that mentioned in the class could obviously relate to each other.

First, the concept of the code of ethics is defined as “A guideline to help marketing managers and other employees make better decision. ” (Lamb et al. , 2013) Since the Organic Valley had an already well-established rules to regulate their farmers and those rules are far more beyond the basic requirements that set up by government department, their employees will not be confused before making any decisions because the company already sets up the tankards before those suppliers start doing their business.Second, the Organic Valley makes a great effort to build up a green market in our society. According to the company’s sustainability report, the company has decreased more than 91.

25 million pounds of toxins and synthetic fertilizers since 1988. (“Using PAP”, 2014) Furthermore, they reduced 5 million gallons water consumption in one year because they have a new water filtration system that could help to save a lot of water since 2010. (“Using PAP”, 2014) Besides, The EPA Energy Star gives the rating to seventy-seven out of a hundred for their Energy performance. Using PAP”, 2014) It is not easy for a company to concern a lot about the effects that might bring to our environment while also maintain their profits simultaneously. However, the report of the Organic Valley shows that the company balance pretty well between protect the environment and maintain their business. Implications and Consequences of Issues The short-term influence of a company to make things that benefit health might be the additional labor expenses that the company need to pay.

According to food and agriculture organization of the United Nations, “Production costs for organic foods re typically higher because of greater labor inputs per unit of output… ” (2014) Therefore, the price of their price might be a little bit higher than the usual conventional food in the market, so customers might concern about whether to buy the more expensive one.

However, in the run long, making things that benefits health will bring more advantages to the whole community since organic food will help protect our future generations.The organic. Org publishes that the food uses toxic chemicals during their production will influence one’s nervous system and tend to cause some other disease like cancer and infertility. Greene et al. , 2014) Regarding the company’s transparency to our society and environment, in the short term, the consequence of a company to be transparent is that their customer will be more reliable with the products of the company and it will also make people feel more comfortable when they consume the food that made by the company.

From a long- term point of view, the company could easily trace their changes during each period, being transparent to the public is also the strong evidence to prove their social responsibility practice. With respect to the establishment of a charitable foundation traditionally find the place to fulfill their request in a short-term perspective. On the other hand, the implication that the company made through its charitable foundation naturally bring the whole community a positive marketing image in the long run.Hence, people will be more supportive with their business. Last, the reason that I believe to set the social and environmental standards for major suppliers is to help the company guarantees the quality of their products on behalf of the customers of the company more specifically and effectively in the short run. Nevertheless, for long-term perspective, to set the standards is definitely a good way to prevent the disputes between the company and their suppliers since the company has set the standards before starting to cooperate with their suppliers.Future Directions In terms of the future of the Organic Valley Company, they could still maintain their competitive advantage to produce more premium organic products for their customers and broaden the transparency to their customer in order to let the customers feel safer when buying the product made by them.

Besides, it is also very significant for the company to keep on track of the social and environmental standard with their major suppliers and to facilitate the suppliers to make more ethical decisions through communication.