Cultural Codes

Cultural codes are everywhere in today’s advertising, whether you notice them or not.

They’re in the best of commercials and in the worst of them. Cultural codes dictate how we look at specific things. There many different codes in the advertising world ranging from moral ones to ethical ones all the way to ignorance. The commercials that take advantage of the code are sometime considered to be “edgy or “controversial”.A good amount of the time, the ones that are really bad never make It to the air because they are banned before they get anywhere In the public eye. It could be for a number of reasons that they didn’t get anywhere, whether for moral standards or they are Just plain unacceptable In today’s world.

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A commercial that falls under this Jurisdiction would be that of a super bowl ad. While It Is not uncommon for these to be banned, this one really hit the spot on a few of the codes.The commercial In question Is an anta-meat ad made by PETA. In the commercial, there Is a family ready to eat the thanksgiving dinner. Before the meal starts, they have the youngest girl say grace before the meal. The girl continues to state all the bad things that happen to a turkey while they are in captivity. In the meantime, the family is looking on in a disapproving fashion, but don’t say anything.

This is where the “ostrich syndrome” takes effect.Its something that happens, but everyone tends to overlook it due to the fact that they enjoy the food they eat. Another code that is brought up is a “misunderstanding of the first amendment”.

While PETA has the freedom to say whatever they want, its also something that no one wants to her about at all. There is nothing we can do to stop them from saying it, but we also have a choice not to listen. In layman’s terms, cultural code is everywhere, and there is no way to avoid it.

It will affect everyone in some way, shape, or form.