Workplace and Cultural Diversity

As I went about my day, only being able to function with my right hand, it was very difficult ring to do things such as open a can of soup with a can opener, tie my own shoestrings, and even taking a shower was very difficult to get used to.

It allowed me to see how very hard it is to be in an environment where things are designed for right handed people and “lefties” have to learn to adapt. In addition, It Is Just as difficult to learn to adapt In a workplace setting with which you are unfamiliar.Workplace diversity is the variety of differences between people in an organization. It is very important for professionals and managers to understand the importance of perversity in the workplace because it encompasses cultural, ethnic, and gender differences that can lead to positive outcomes for businesses. Cultural diversity in the workplace refers to the values, norms, and traditions that affect the way a member of a group normally perceives, thinks, Interacts, and makes decisions.

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Cultural differences In the workplace affect communication and team building.I am a registered nurse who works on an adult psychiatric unit and also on a child- adolescent psychiatric unit. We have a Nigerian medical doctor that comes to the unit to see the patients for any medical issues.

Many staff members complain that he is rude and very difficult to understand especially over the phone. In addition, many staff members complain about not liking him very much. One evening he came to the unit around 9:pm. He was very pleasant. He stayed for approximately two hours and saw each patient that was on the medical board.He was extremely thorough and even Joked with staff. It is evident to me that many times because of cultural diversity, we often prejudge people before we get to either know them or get the opportunity to be around them. As I listened to him, I did notice that it was a title difficult to understand him but I also know that it was frustrating for him to have to repeat himself over and over.

I think managers and businesses should have cultural seminars to educate staff on different cultures because In regards to this Nigerian doctor, staff disliked him because of a communication barrier.In the workplace if we would be sensitive to each other and be educated on the cultures we encounter, it would be a more pleasant environment for everyone. “Ethnicity refers to a shared national origin or a shared cultural heritage. “(Bell, 2011).

There was an adult Hispanic patient on the adult unit who didn’t speak English. Furthermore, she was the only Spanish patient on the unit and there were no Spanish speaking staff on was the only timeshare an interpreter was available to our unit.One night while the patient was on the unit, she wanted to use the phone and make a call. It was almost 9:pm and the interpreter was about to leave. Before the interpreter left, she assisted the patient with making the phone call. Once the patient reached the person she was trying to speak with, the interpreter left. While the patient was on the phone, she began to get very agitated. Suddenly she slammed the phone down and started kicking the wall.

There was no one on the unit who spoke or understood Spanish. The patient had to be put in locked door seclusion.The next day staff discussed the situation with the manager and it was decided to have a 24 hour interpreter on the unit for patients who didn’t speak English. As a nurse, I am always advocating for patients and their safety. The manager heard the staffs’ concern and immediately responded in a positive way. It was a great decision because now we will have more patients that do not speak English admitted to the unit. Bell (2011) proposes that gender represents perceptions of how men and women should behave, rather than demonstrating natural differences between them that might initiate them to perform differently (p.

)Something as simple as moving a bed from one place to another is typical of how society perceives men and how they should behave versus women. We had to transport a bed on the psychiatric unit from one room to the quiet room. There was one male counselor and two female counselors. The charge nurse who was a female went to the male counselor and asked him to move the bed. He accommodated her with no issues. It would seem logical to have had the two female counselors move the bed since there were two of them but cause we have perceptions of how men and women should behave; the female charge nurse went to the male counselor.