Military Experience

 I identify mostly with members of a less elite group of people. These members are not recognized by their race nor are Judged by what they have done in their past but are praised by what they are doing in their present time and in their future. My social circle all represent one thing and one thing only, Jesus Christ and it is open to whomever wants to be our friend!

I connect with the people at church more than anyone right now and that is Just because I am still trying to find out who I am and where I am headed.

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 The difference between diversity and inclusion had given me a hard time trying to differentiate the two between gender, sexual preferences, and disabilities on a baseline for what the outline represented as a huge difference. Although I concluded that diversity is your gender, work experience, family status and etc. To where inclusion means taking all of that diversity and using it to “include” everyone and ACH individuals abilities and not excluding them from the group.

I believe it is very important for a workplace to acknowledge the diversity.

 Amongst them and the great gifts that everyone has to offer because of that. Using a training video to point out that everyone is not the same may seem a bit childish at the moment but I have seen it firsthand where it has helped a lot of conflict between individuals be handled and I personally think diversity is a great thing in America and that God created us all equal and we Just have to tap into our own abilities to trivet above with the rest as a whole.

When I was in the military, I met people from all over the world from all

 Different backgrounds and walks of the world. While in uniform, we were set to our standards as a soldier and held to those expectations but that did not mean we could not implement our own cultural ideas into our daily tasks if it did not cause harm to anyone else. (For Instance, I would make coffee every morning for myself when I was in Afghanistan because that is what I was brought up to do in my household every