Cultural Diversity

There are some many different types of cultural diversity in today’s world.

With the many different cultures and the many different races there are so many different cultures that are over looked or misunderstood. Cultural diversity is the cultural variety and cultural differences that exist in the world, a society, or an institution. For many kids they will never get the opportunity to be able to learn about the many cultures, this in return keeps them from completely understanding their many legislates as well as they grow up understanding their coworkers.The government and the school districts have made it difficult for kids to be able to learn about different religions and different cultures. It seems more that the school district want nothing to do with culture as they are afraid of making a parent angry since so many parents seem to have a fit anytime religion is brought up in school.

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An example is my kids are mixed race and their religion is Muslim but most people do not understand their religion and associate it with terrorism when in fact there are so many Muslims n America who are great people.In order to help kids to be able to understand the many different cultures in a class I would try an incorporate different cultures Into their learning. Each month could be to learn about a different culture and be able to build a culture board where the class will learn about a culture such as their way of dress, the different foods they eat, and the different types of celebrations they have.By teaching kids about different cultures at an early age will allow them to be able to understand their classmates and when they move on the adulthood they will be able to have more of a connection with their peers and coworkers. Reference: cultural diversity. (n. D.

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