Human Society

Wherever we go, whoever we meet, they have their own way of living.

Each Individual in our society shares a way of values and norms. Sometimes, It Is the same to the other and sometimes the other way around. As I know, every Individual Is unique.No one is exactly alike with one another but despite of this, there are some point In life that we share the same norms and values. Who are we? Where do we came from? What are the characteristics that we have? What are the things we believe In? All of that questions are running Inside my mind.

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Then, I pause for a while and say “we are different to one another”, but being different Is not the reason why people live together In chaos Instead people are living in a unique and peaceful society despite of differences. NY people who are living in this world have their way or style of living. Therefore, we are different to one another.Differences will not lead of being incomplete instead of being unique. Having diverse culture is not a problem.

It only emphasizes that we are unique. We have these unique characteristics in living in the society especially if we can connect one different culture to the other culture. Through these differences, it is also a big help in understanding each individual because we have different levels in life.Through it, it will help build a strong foundation of the different existing culture. Forming a smaller culture is also a good idea. It will allow us to identify who we are.

Joining a subculture will identify our functions in the society. In fact, our society has different needs in order to progress. Through these differences, we can now cater the needs of our society.

We can now conclude that differences are not deficient instead it provide the missing parts in our society.