Culture and Business in South Korea

ABSTRACTEvery countries have their own culture by its custom, tradition, and religions, etc. Korea has unique culture and business style. It needs foreigner in Korea to understand these cultures and to work with Koreans. This paper is for the Korean cultures with Gibun, Inwa, the power distance, Confucianism, and relationship. These are important parts of the Korean culture and how to do business in South Korea. Without these, it is do hard to business in Korea as foreigner.INTRODUCTIONSouth Korea has long history and unique culture and tradition.

Korean culture is different others but China, Japan cultures are very similar. This is why some parts of unique Korean cultures important on business in Korea. This paper focus on Korean culture, including Gibun, Inwa, the Power distance, Confucianism, and the Relationship in Korea.KOREAN CULTURE FOR BUSINESS IN SOUTH KOREAGibunGibun is some difficult word to translate in English. It simply means feeling and behavior. Koreans are trying to stable Gibun, in personal and official.

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Koreans try to keep their own Gibun with others. Koreans try to do business with other’s feelings and avoid saying no or bad news for preventing hurt others Gibun. This is important to do business. Koreans always try to be polite, friendly. They do not want to hurt others feeling by criticizing others. It is happened that Korean understand each other but misunderstanding to foreigner. For example, Canadians like to do business directly and they show their feelings with direct and clear answers. Sometimes, they seem argumentative to others.

In this case, Canadians would hurt Koreans Gibun. And this case, it is hard to make agreement on business. So it is important for Canadians or foreigners to understand Gibun, and be prepared their non verbal languages for doing business in Korea.InwaAnother important culture is Inwa, which is translated as harmony. As a collectivist society, agreement is main part in ma.