Culture Is Like A Pair Of Glasses

This city has roads, clean water, electricity, police tattoos, hospitals. But every city has it. What makes Riga different? Well, that is where culture comes in. Festivals and events, public art, amazing architecture and even parks, waterfalls are all part Of culture. Our city has a big variety of cultural facilities, Including art centers, museums, cinemas, galleries and music venues. Cultural facilities, by their very nature, attract diverse groups of users- citizens and visitors of all ages, sizes, abilities and cultures.

These facilities not only gives us the pleasure and opportunity for elf-expression, and bring social and economic benefits to our communities and our nation, it is also a very important part of education. The arts are integral to all our lives. The arts bring happiness, and the arts make things happen. Therefore it is particularly important to acknowledge this diversity and ensure usability by everyone. It is important to understand, that cultural facilities are not a luxury but a necessity for every city. Now imagine. You live in a city. The city has roads, clean water, electricity, police stations, hospitals.

What else you may say? Nothing. No museums, no galleries, no theaters, no cinemas. Nothing. What now? What is the feeling of having to live without cultural facilities? You can fulfill your basic needs. You are safe, you have food, you have accommodation, but that’s about it. Suddenly life doesn’t seem so great, does it? You don’t have the ability to explore museums, art galleries and music venues. Because you are trapped in a city without cultural facilities. You may ask: Why trapped? Can go to a different city that has these luxuries. But that’s when we face another major problem.

Not everyone has the ability or the financial support to travel. Traveling is expensive and transport tickets are not the only costs one faces, cultural facilities also cost quiet a lot. And that leads to wealth inequality. In a perfect world everyone has the same amount of money and everyone is equal. However, that is only the imagination. There is a big gap between the rich and the poor, thus making culture a luxury. The more money you have, the more power and ability you have. Culture is like the air, it is largely invisible and yet we cannot live