A teen o’clock curfew sounds fair enough to me.

Whether or not this curfew should be put into force for teenagers is a debatable issue being held through the city, parents, and teenagers. A teenager from South Duke High School stated,”Curfew is important for our generation because nowadays dangerous things are happening”. Why should teenagers have a curfew? The city is only protecting our surroundings. This curfew should be put into effort because it will lower criminal rates, kids will be more protected, and it will leave parents assure that their kids are k. Criminal dates with teenagers have extremely gone up. Statistic shows that over 70% of teenagers are most likely to be involved in dangerous or unsafe situations after the specific curfew. Their peers logically influence teenagers.

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For example, if Sarah sees Molly out having fun pass the curfew she’s going to want to do the same thing Molly is doing. By enforcing this curfew, the city can lower teen violence. C] The protection of teenagers will be more easier if the city enforce the curfew. The people in the city are more concerned about teenagers’ safety.Statistically, over eighty-seven percent f the people in the city agree to protect teenagers with a curfew. If the city decides to permeate the word of the curfew, I’m positive more people would agree to It.

For example, if they decide to hold a city meeting or maybe a voting poll, people would most likely prefer the curfew. The protection of our teenagers is more important than teenagers’ freedom. C] People agree that the curfew is needed, but some people think otherwise. But isn’t it true that most teenagers act better when rules are set before them? We should push this effort forward of getting this curfew passed.Teenagers ill then use their time wisely, and be responsible of the things they have to do before their curfew. People are entitled to their own opinion, but there are rules and regulations everywhere. This curfew should definitely be a rule and regulation.

C] All In all, this curfew Is well needed In the city. Most teenagers would agree to this because It’s only protecting them. This will make teenagers take their freedom as an advantage, and they won’t do things that are unacceptable. The city feels as If this Is the right thing to do.

This curfew should be enforced to help the city keep down confusion and protect thy people.