Custom essay writing and ethics

Custom essay writing has been growing with each passing day. With every passing day, a new bureau is created.

Due to the time limitations facing students, they result to giving their orders to these bureaus. The bureaus work on their orders at an agreed fee. However, some people have argued that is unethical and a form of stealing. Well, it could be seen as such, but then who does not need some professional help in his/her area of weakness.Opponents of custom essay writing have claimed for a while that writing an essay for any student is not ethical.

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They argue that this is dilution of education since the student score high marks which they do not deserve. They also claim that the fees charged by these bureaus are exorbitant and highly exploitive. It is only the rich and the capable that are able to pay for these services. This, according to the opponents, is of immense detrimental effects since the poor will not have a take on it.This leaves the poor at a disadvantaged position, and unless they study hard, they will not bear the competition of the former. This is vast inequality in the society, which according to them is unethical.

Every student should do his/her work according to their argument. To refute this, the proponents argue that this is just professional help, and it aims at helping students realize their best. Every individual has the right to do what is acceptable to him/her as long as it is within the law.Ethical issues have come up time and again questioning custom essay writing, but more bureaus have been created over the time.

Since there is no law that controls them, then opponents have no grounds for their claims. Each individual should be left to do what he /she can as pertain education.