Customer Satisfaction

There are assessments and periodic evaluations to monitor satisfaction when a customer make purchases. Companies can gauge in customer satisfaction by calling, emailing, surveys, online forums, suggestion boxes, and conducting focus groups. It is a great way to monitor customer relationships and resolve any problems with a product or service. Following up with customers can help understand customers’ perceptions, experiences, issues and concerns of the product or services provided to them.The author of an article called “Other ways to Gauge Customer Satisfaction” discusses about Customer satisfaction surveys.

These surveys can help he business learn more about the customer experience and establish a benchmark for measuring customer loyalty overtime. Depending on your marketing priorities, you can develop a survey during, and after their interactions with you. I work in the Hospitality industry with over 500 employees.It is a catering company that designs every event from wedding, corporate, bar/bat mitzvahs, social catering events, and black tie galas.

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This organization focuses on providing high quality food and beverage services in the course of the business. Our goal is to exceed customer satisfaction and retain clients loyalty. To achieve excellence in our organization, we have continual improvement that drives us to be more competitive and sustain customer satisfaction.One of the many goals is to attract new catering/event guests and increases frequency of existing guests.

This requires the company to use best practices that will help keep company’s base. The company does respond to the voice of the customer through interviews of what the client expects. It is important for the organization to deliver as promised, go the extra mile, and resolve all issues for every customer. The organization I work for is very customer focused and it’s a huge deal to build relationships with many clients.They take customer feedback into action, creating experiences and services to customers. At this company, there is someone who conduct interviews for clients in person and any issues.

The authors of the book “Quality Management for Organizational excellence” discusses the key to providing superior value is innovation. The failure to innovate will allow other companies to take your customer base. Organizations should measure customer retention than just measuring customer satisfaction because customers can likely migrate to a competitor.Customer retention surveys is more accurate indicator that shows customer loyalty(Ghettos & Davis, 2013).

MY organization I work for constantly contact customers for total quality setting. They focus on always improving quality in their culinary creations. Also, have setting that is customized to the customers’ needs which can be anything from textiles to props to design elements. Lastly, my organization I work for has mystery shoppers at events which can be useful tool to measure customer satisfaction.

This allows a company to get constructive feedback on the current level of their customer service so they can make necessary corrections that raise the bar on customer satisfaction overall. According to the author of an article called, “Customer complaints show how to improve your operation” discusses not to rely too much on satisfaction surveys. Many people will not like or take on the time to fill surveys but instead see what kind of response you get from It is practiced at my company because it shows staff performance and if customer service is adequate.It gives the company insight into customer satisfaction and how employees interact with customers when no bosses around. I think my organization’s direction meets best customer satisfaction practices because they offer personalized and individual customer experience which gives them a competitive advantage. The company focuses on superior service which is tailored for every customer and they get great feedback through meetings and interviews. Reference Bas, E. (1996).

Contractor: Customer complaints show how to improve your operation.