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What a person invested during his studies could very well determine what will become of him in the real world. Park (1990) cited that with regards to career choices, students desire careers that will bring fame, good pay, enable them to lives comfortable lives and earn the respect of others. Interests greatly contribute to the success of an individual.With interests in what one is doing a feeling of fulfillment in the work is achievable. It would give the individual goal in life and makes it clear in the earliest possible time, the career that one wants to pursue. The problem is that students do not have a vision for themselves; A specific and clearly articulated picture of the future they intend to create for themselves.

Thus, many are confused about which major to choose which then relates to the specific courses they should be enrolled In.That being said, students entering their first semester should not panic. They should choose courses that apply to most majors. In other words, every major requires English.

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Most will require some type of math, social science, humanities, etc. This will be safe for the first semester. However, during the first semester, the student should meet with a career counselor and/or academic counselor to determine the student’s direction In terms of career goals and objectives.

This will help In choosing an appropriate career path particular to the detent, and hopefully It will be one that facilitates a passion for what a student wants to do. What If the career you chose Is not the one you really like? What If It Is not fitted to your abilities? What If your Interests are not there? This questions wants to seek answers that’s why the researchers come up to this study. Making the students realize how Important It Is that the career they chose should be the one with their greatest Interests Is the primary goal of this study.