Cyber Security

There are many security problems faced today with the cyber space. Problems such as privacy, personal Information, and even In the Inner workings of a corporation. There are many way to protect yourself from these intruders and attackers. It should be implemented that constant updates, a virus protection program, and a mallard protection program should be used on a dally basis to update its database since the Internet is ever changing and people are finding new ways to get around these protocols.The more that cyber space grows as n entity, the more vulnerable it is to obtaining secrets that people would try to hide. Those people can use those secrets against not only us, but our government. Imagine Someone breaking into your computer and accessing your ghost drives that you thought only you knew about, now you have a problem.

Everything you tried to keep a secret Is now about to be made public.There are a few options that I would use to make sure this never happens. When hiring someone do a good background check with techs checking it, constantly watch how people use their computers and reprimand them for using it inappropriately, and if it comes down to It then take someone to court for trying to access the companies Information for their own someone trying to steal documents it can be used against them.The more we are aware of what goes on in the work place the better can we keep control of how our employees and what they do with their time. Some site they access can give you virus’s and backdoor worms.

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We as a company Just need to have a better understanding of how the internet works and how to protect ourselves. Thank You