D.A.R.E Program

I learned ways to deal with stress because stress can build up until you get so mad that you want to blame everything on someone else or hit someone. I learned about stress and how to deal with them too.If someone stresses me out I will immediately remove myself from the situation.

If they proceed and won’t leave me alone I Just simply don’t pay them no attention and keep going forward with my life. I learned a lot from the role models that visited my elementary class and told us about drugs and how to stay drug free. They told us how to “Say No” if someone offers us drugs or offers us a cigarette to smoke. They also told stories about things they experienced or seen in high school. There stories were very interesting and quite motivating to me personally.

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They spoke very ell and didn’t stumble on what they were going to say. They also answered all of our questions all the kids in my class asked. I understand that It Is Important to stay drug free and avoid violence because If you start drugs now you could get addicted and possibly stay on drugs until you die. Drugs can kill and no one should try them because they will make your life shorter. Drugs can make your skin age and make you look much older.

Drugs really make you personality change and your priority change you will be very careless .