Damaged things without fixing

As society advances, people’s demands have become increasingly diversified.

Hence, some people think that the people who live today like to throw damaged things and buy new ones but the people in the past would always repair them for reusing. I totally agree with this pollen for following reasons. Firstly, new technology has strong many benefits and convenience to develop a modern society rapidly.

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However it was also made humans desire expand greatly.To explain more, our ancestor Just added to satisfy their essential needs like eating, drinking, sleeping etc. It was enough for them to survive in the society. That explains why they would immediately fix any object. Nowadays, life is much easier than before; people would pursue fashionable life and modern style.

That is why they have something out off date or broken, they Just directly throw it away. With the help of technology, the price of products can be made very low. Thus, we can chuck the broken things without consideration.Secondly, the would competition is growing with the global economic integration companies demands for selling their products rapidly make benefits, Is resulting that they make new stylish products to replace the old ones quickly. For the customers, there are so many attractions from the products. There are so many preambles If we still hold this kind of view of throwing damaged things always without fling.

When we are enjoying these new fashionable products, our environment is paying a heavy price which humans cannot afford.The forests would be cut down for making fashionable furniture. The wild animal perch in there will die or find no where to go. The ecosystem also would b in disorder, we might face a land shortage problem throwing lots of rubbish that occupying the land, further more we still need to burn the rubbish and that’s another method to pollute the environment. In addition, the issue will global warming will get more seriously, such as the land is flooded as sea levels rise and the natural disaster happen more frequently.