Daniel a big impact in the field of

Daniel Hale Williams

Open heart surgery is a very famous and risky
procedure where cardio surgeons cut open a patience chest and resolve any
problem going on with the heart, one of the most risky surgery is transplant
where they remove the heart from a dead body and place in the chest of a
patient in need

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Hey, I’m here representing my company AESCULAP for a
grant to best benefit heart surgeries around the world. I
feel like me and my company can really make a big impact in the field of cardio
surgery. Our company is known for providing the equipment needed for heart
surgery, without companies like AESCULAP there wouldn’t be a procedure called
heart surgery today. One of our main goals is to make every hospital in the
world interracial; we frown deeply on racism and do not tolerate this behaviour
in any of our hospitals. We learn and always respect the best Daniel Hale, we
follow in his footsteps and admire his principals, in Daniels early years he
joined an equal rights league which is a black civil rights organization active
during the Reconstruction era. Daniel was the first African American to set up his
own practice in Chicago’s South Side. In
1893, Williams continued to do amazing work when he cut open James Cornish, a
man with a painful stab to his chest who was brought to Provident. Without the
procedure of a blood transfusion or any surgical procedures, Williams proud
fully stitched Cornish’s pericardium, the membranous sac enclosing the heart,
thus becoming one of the first people to perform open-heart surgery. So with the money
you give us we will make much more enhanced equipment and tools needed to kill
these diseases and make doctors jobs easier. Our company was built off Daniel
Hale’s principal and our founder idolizes his techniques.

Marie Maynard Daly

Hypertension is another way of saying high blood
pressure which is a long term medical condition where the pressure in your
arteries continually elevate which makes your heart work harder to pump blood, which
could lead to high blood pressure.

Hey, I’m here representing my company Pulmokine for a
grant to better enhance our industry in hypertension treatments, we help any
patience with any sort of high blood pressure our company helps slow down our
patience blood pressure to the regular rate of 120/80. With the money you give
us we guarantee that we could make a real change with this industry and change
patience lives forever. We look up to Marie in such ways we cant explain she
showed everyone no matter what race or gender anyone can achieve their goal in
life by being the first African American woman to obtain her Ph D in America,
and our goal is to cure hypertension. In 1955 Marie went to Columbia searching
for the cause of heart attacks with Dr. Quentin Deming their work was ground
breaking and was transferred to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Their entire
research showed people a new idea of how foods and diets can affect the heart
and we want to do the same here at Pulmokine.

Ernest Everett Just

Cells and egg fertilization is a very important part
in the reproductive system of life without the knowledge of egg fertilization
life wouldn’t be as easy as it is today.     

Hey, I’m here representing my company The Toronto Zoo
for a grant to have a better understanding of cells and egg fertilization we
have many eager workers who are ready to give it their best to leap into a
whole new meaning of fertilization. We are currently working on a new research
to help animals who are infertile fulfill their dream of having a baby, and
with the money you give us I think we can take it into a whole new level just
like Ernest Just and his discovery of dynamical
and structural blocks to polyspermy that sweep over the egg upon fertilization
which was just brilliant.

Hulusi Behcet

Blood vessel Disease is the thinning of the blood
vessels in the stomach arms and legs, blood vessel disease is caused by a build
up of plaque that narrows blood vessels.

Hey, I’m here representing my company Behcet Disease
Therapeutics Market for a grant to find a cure for Behcets disease. Our workers
are putting in all the effort and work they can put in now its just up to the
technology, with the money you give us we want to open up a whole new lab for
our scientists to take off and continue this research where the great hulusi left
off. He had some excellent ideas and a great understanding of this disease when
he met a man in 1925 carrying this disease for 40 years, he monitered the
symptoms of three patients which he had for quite a while then disease that
they are symptoms of an uknown disease and was later named after him when he
past away due to a sudden heart attack.