Dark Ages

Europe went through plagues, many prosecutions and had been overcome by many wars with hardly any peace interrupting It. With all the negative aspects In the dark ages there were some positive things happening beneath It all. After the Roman Empire fell, that Is when darkness took over. Liar, a Visigoth warrior conquered Rome and used many of the war fairs he learned to take them to use for his own benefit, a “profit making” career for him. The Visigoths were in desperation for control, they relied on starvation and they surrounded the area ofRome and took control of all shipments to the city and supply. All these factors lead to the horrible disparity of Rome.

With no longer having an emperor of Rome, everything declined within the area and worsen. The continent was greatly fragmented politically and therefore monks and missionaries that lead the people of the Dark Age to look upon their new emperor Jesus Christ, which established a new type of unity. Soon many Rulers, such as Clevis, converted to Christianity hoping to unite their territory and this lead to Christianity now being a common threat to other oratories.Life had become very difficult for the common citizen through these dark ages that Charlatanry gave them peace, hope and serenity. Over all the madness, a Benedictine monk, Bead, who wrote a five-volume history of England beginning from Julius Caesar, had preserved many historical events, especially many events with Christianity and including scripture. Throughout the Dark Age, many negative situations had taken the best of Europe as a whole but the spread of Christianity had continued to help give hope and faith to the people.

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