Darul Aman Stadium

There are three things want to do in this school. Firstly, I want to improve the quality Of teaching in the classroom with more earnest by adding the knowledge about how to be an effective teacher. Practicum 1&2 taught me a lot about life in the school and a lot of theory and methodology that can implement here during the three months practicum. I sure hope I can improve the quality of teaching in the classroom and able to finish my proposal for action research.

Next, was very keen to help the school to receive an award in the field of co-curriculum. Since am interested in (KIRKS) thus I want to help the school gain recognition in the areas of co- curriculum, particularly in the Tunas Cadet Remark Seakale (TSR). My ambition is to train the cadets to successfully participate in the contest or participate in the camp TSR state level or even at higher level.

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Finally, during the 12-week stay in school, of course want to contribute to the school from the physical aspect. My ambition is to beautify and embellish gardens and waterfalls of the school. This is because through my observations, can see this abandoned garden and the park has the potential to further beautified. I hope I was able to implement all the recommendations above earnest and sincere as possible. Thank you.