Dawlance to $45 million. It has 37 branches

Dawlance is a Pakistani manufacture of home appliances
based in Karachi.
Founded in 1980, it was acquired by Istanbul based Arçelik in 2016. Dawlance
has three factories, two sites in Karachi and one in Hyderabad, with a total of 4,000 employees. It
manufacture’s washing machines, freezers, split air
conditioner and ovens.

In 2015, Dawlance had revenues of $220.6 million selling products in
Pakistan and Middle East. Similarly,
its EBITDA earnings amounted
to $45 million. It has 37 branches in addition to 750-plus franchises across
the country

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It was acquired by Arçelik in November 2016 for
$258m, & since then function’s a wholly owned brand for Arçelik.

Dawlance – with reliable features
as its core value – provides cutting edge Washing Machines, Chest
Freezers, Vertical Freezers, Split AC & Microwave Ovens.

Over the last 35 years, Dawlance
has not only developed the largest 
dealer network but has also
established the largest after-sales service
across Pakistan.

Benefits are:



work environment

Challenges are:

“Challenges faced in
personal life are asked and discussing the truthfully can be a challenge.”





Why we
have selected????

It has a reason;

“Sales force is a higher price. Is it worth it?”

as a company to have the long-term productivity and their positive results.

with long-term connectivity with customers and receive its values.

of the company’s services and collectiveness of stakeholders to move the
industry and its betterment for future.

Innovation Management:

A new method, idea, product, etc.
is called innovation.

must be required to grab values of customers and the distributors. This will be
need of best technical skills and change management to explore the market


When customers
committed what they want to change in market share values they need to become
trustworthy and reliable towards their records and future settlement.


In the Era of
the Customer, information and connectivity are more complex and reliable.

“Make impossible thing
to possible and complex to simple way of structure the environment.”

This way of
change the platform give you the incredible advantage:


Code to Low Code to Code Development Tools



understand the vendors need to deliver possible capabilities to transform the
business or products long term debts.

Company’s Mission:

“Promote Reliability
In Everything We Do In The Field Of Household Appliances”


“Make Dawlance A Global Brand By
Practicing Reliability: Make Pakistan Proud Of Us”



Logistic environment in factory to work together on
tools and their maintenance.

dealing with 3rd party logistics in increasing their productivity.


Goals and Objectives:

“Always accept the provocation and always
behave like a winning team. Always perform the task in right manner and in
strategic manner. This will give the achievement in future.”  

Dawlance is very proficient Company and has very
learning and skills environment. Management, staff and internes are good. Especially
MIS framework has high standard to grab the possible values by the
understructure of Turkish Delights, Archelik….