And I have been to many different countries in my life First Germany I have lived there For about 6 years and I have been to Iran for about two and half years and more And here is a few sentences about my personality Starting with my threatens : My greatest strength Is that I always read other people’s mind, I like take my mind Into others and take others’ minds Into my mine.And one more thing, I always give compassion to all people I vision my target, form a blueprint on how to achieve the target and then launch on my way I succeed and gain success this way, and always, with patience and perseverance. And at Last but not least My greatest strength is that I am a flexible person, polite, and I have strong Interpersonal skills. The second part is something about my weaknesses for example When I’m working on a project.

I don’t want Just to meet deadlines. Rather, I prefer to complete the project well ahead of schedule.And also my second weakness is that I am always thinking of helping and doing things for others before myself, but I consider that this trait makes me great and show signs of good leadership. And all so I’ve had a number of friends tell me that I make them feel comfortable and safe; they trust me to know what I’m talking about/doling. And I am a very sensitive person I don’t like someone talk to me when have talk to me when I have a problem I all ways like to be alone in the bad moments .

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But I’m a very social person and I Like to Join friends In exchange Cultures . My hobbles Is swimming and horseback rolling , I Like horseback rolling since I was a child and I had won many medals in Germany & Libya & also united emirate (Dublin) . My last not least hobby is Hunting and safari trips always I like my friends to Join me my safari trips to have much fun as possible. And I am interesting to visit the united state to know more culture about the people in the state and how did they live and how did they think about the new world mind .And I am sure that we will have a good time with each other after I arrive In the state And I am a traveler person I love to travel around the world to study a lot , I like to have a tope experience in my life to do something to help the world and the people and the countries I want be a famous person with my work and experience.

I am a very clean person I don’t like to lie I do my responsibilities on time I like to be my house always organized because your home is your picture in front all the people even the people from your family I like also to have a relax time on a weekends .I like the international organizations Like the United nation and the Eunice Because they try to change something in the people and they try to help people to become a better life around the world and I have been worked with the united nation for like six months like the director for the media office halftime it was a great time and nice to work with people who have different opinions to make the world better . I hope you may tune to give an overview of my personality and my experiences in life so you can knowing more . Best greetings from panama..

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