Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,I really wonder what our own love story is. Is it the typical one that can be seen in the movies or if it’s not. I wonder if I once bumped into you but I didn’t mind because you’re a stranger. I wonder if you’re one of my schoolmate, batch mate or even a friend right now. And if not, I’m wondering if in the time we meet each other you’ll look over at me, while saying, “Wow.

She’s pretty.” Since I was a child I’m fond of watching Disney Movies that caused me to become a “Hopeless Romantic” kind of girl. I’m in love with the idea of love and fantasies, thinking that one day I’ll be someone’s queen. Just like other girls I’ve been dreaming to have a church wedding that has a motif of gray and white.

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I also love that the church is full of beautiful and fragrant flowers. Then, I’m walking in the aisle and all their eyes are laid upon me and you’re there in the altar waiting for me and all our families and friends where there to witness the very special day for both of us. And as we say our vows, I hope we’ll say it with all honesty and I’m hoping that we will be faithful with our words. That no matter what happens between us, divorce is not a thing. Not even an option.

All I want is to live happily with you. I want to have kids and I hope you won’t mind if I name them after boys who’s in Hollywood. I hope you know that I love you more than the guys I named our children after. I have flaws.

I don’t have that perfect body or mind. I may be very emotional over little things, I may be very insecure to the girls who are close to you and I maybe very over reacting sometimes but I hope you’ll look over beyond that. I may have mood swings that can irritate you but I hope you’ll understand. I hope that in every hard situation that we may face, I hope you’re there next time, holding my hand while saying, “Everything will be okay.

God is with us”. I’m not going to ask for …