December discriminatory towards Muslims. Trump brought his order

December 4th Donald Trump introduced an Immigration Ban on specific countries such as Syria, Yemen, Iran, Libya, Somalia, North Korea and Venezuela. The refugee ban is said to last to for 120 days. When many heard about Trump taking action on the Immigration Ban, they were furious and wondered if Trump could do such a thing. Trump states the Ban is to protect the U.S from Islamic militants. This Ban could put Americans lives at risk since Iran has a strong American military diplomatic. Americans can only travel to countries, not on the travel Ban list. Ever since Trump became president, he has been making changes that are often questioned.When Trump was elected in November, Trump made a promise to prevent terrorism from happening in the U.S. In March the executive order worse. to the fourth council and the Ban was refused, the council ruled that Ban was discriminatory towards Muslims. Trump brought his order to the Supreme Court; they heard his appeal and permitted an emergency request to allow this Ban to happen for now.  The Bona Fide Relationship only included a close family of American residents, students going to school or workers on a visa; even if the residence or visa holders are exempted from the Ban they cannot renew their visa when the Ban takes effect. The lower courts wanted to ban people without family connections to the States or relations.  Immigration makes it easier to do business with other countries, the economy grows faster with diversity due to the amount of freedom and creativity a country like America has. Trump’s decision on banning certain a country doesn’t any make sense more than half the population is immigrants even Trump himself is an immigrant. Immigrants make up a country without immigration America would be nothing. Therefore if immigration on Muslim countries is banned then the U.S would lose millions of dollars seeing how some of the countries Trump banned are huge in oil and other goods. Banning countries from the U.S or sending people back isn’t going to make the U.S any better, it would just make it worse.  The immigration ban is illegal in my opinion and many against the immigration ban. The ban is very discriminatory, someone who claims to be a president can’t ban specific groups just because he thinks they are the main cause of terrorism in the U.S. Terrorism-related cases are mainly the U.S born citizen, Trump can’t expect to  eliminate the whole Muslim population that would be impossible since there are people who convert to Islam almost every day. According to the U.S law, someone can’t be discriminated based on place of residence, nationality, the birth of place or race. Trump is already violating the law within a few month of being voted in. If Trump wants to eliminate Muslims, he shouldn’t have chosen to run for president a quatre of the U.S population is Muslim eliminating them is getting rid of a good amount of the population. Trump’s defense was his act wasn’t discriminatory and mentioned Muslim countries are unaffected by it. There are many Muslims affected by this ban, especially refugees that want to flee, they would have to stay in their country or find a different place to, if the refugees family all lived in the U.S they wouldn’t even be able to see their family until the immigration ban is gone.  David J. Beir an immigration policy analyst states it is illegal to have an immigration ban that targets specific groups of people. The country affected by the ban the most is Iran then Iraq. Iran is affected the most considering a lot of students that graduated university in Iran, were invited to come to the U.S to further studies. Clearly, that wasn’t since Trump enforced the immigration and travel ban. ” a substantial victory for the safety and security of the American people.”  (Sessions, 17).  This ban isn’t a victory first off is more like a loss to see that the U.S has come to an immigration ban to feel safe. Some of these Americans don’t know half the things these immigrants have been through let alone doing unsafe tasks. The third council may face struggles within another Supreme Court Muslims could argue the U.S isn’t  safe for them.