What makes us so different from the rest of the world and their Government system? Not only is our Government for the people, and by the people; our government is one of the first to decentralized the power.

Some may argue that this decision by our founding fathers was a wrong one, others argue that it’s one of the best decisions that has ever been made for the US.As said in the past “Our action was founded as an experiment in human liberty. Why did our founding fathers choose to decentralized power? To decentralized is “To distribute the administrative powers or functions of (a central authority) over a less concentrated area”. My first topic will be showing where the idea of decentralization came from and how much of an Influence the ancient Greeks had on our constitution. Another argument behind this Is seeing how poorly the Articles of Confederation worked, and why we had to re-body our whole government.My last discussion will be to simply look at America In the past couple hundred years, and decide If decentralization has had a positive, or negative impact on us.

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The ancient Greeks existed from 1000 BC all the way until 300 BC; which is an extremely long time in my opinion. Many people don’t realize how big of an impact Greece had over the US constitution, and structure of our government. The Greeks had no central government back then. They had multiple city states across the land, and each one of those city states had their own unique government.The United States chose to use a lot of the Greeks governmental system. The only issue the Greeks had was they were never unified as a country; in fact, they were never even considered a country. The united States wanted their government to be divided Into 3 separate powers: State, Local, and National. So basically they take the good parts, and got rid of the bad parts of the Greek’s system.

Looking back on where we were before the constitution can tell us a lot about how successful we’ve been.The Articles of Confederation gave each state too much independence, and the power wasn’t divided equally. It wasn’t a good system, and the people had no pride for their country.

The way we fixed this was by decentralization our government, and giving the majority of the power and decision making to the national government. This is where our national pride was born. The Articles of Confederation had several other issues that needed to be fixed. There were multiple citizen uprisings in the states, which occurred due to the state’s government becoming corrupt.

With no national power, the individual states could do whatever they felt was necessary; which wasn’t always a good thing. The states also needed to give permission for the congress to do anything. With 9 out of the 13 states having to agree for anything to get passed, hardly anything got done. The ultimate way of deciding whether or not our founding fathers made the right choice In deciding to be decentralized is by looking at how far we’ve come as a nation. Other for over 200 years. Very few nations can say that they have had that kind of stability for such a long period of time.The US also leads the world in innovation; this fact is huge considering the world changing technology that has been created in America.

One huge thing that sets America apart from other nations is that they have had very little threat towards their land. There have been 2 events where the US has been attack, which are 9/1 1, and Pearl Harbor; Besides that, no US territory has ever been attacked in a big way in centuries. This has to do with the large ocean separation, but for the most part this has to do with the US being superior over other nations around the world.One of the biggest questions to this day is “will this grand experiment survive? “. From looking back to ancient Greece, and their success for hundreds of years, to looking back at our unsuccessful government before the constitution, we’ve been able to see that our system has, and will work.

Our founding fathers reflected upon, and considered several different options prior to writing the constitution. They did what they did because they thought it was right, and they knew that not only would it work; it would also leave the people with freedom, and happiness.As shown y my arguments, America has so far been a success over the past couple hundred years.

Sure, decentralization has some negative effects; but nothing in this world has and ever will be perfect. Many other nations across the world seek to accomplish what America has done. It really isn’t an easy thing to do; we saw that with the many negative effects of Articles of Confederation. With our new system of Government the positive effects have definitely over-shadowed the negative ones, and for that I commend, and thank the founding fathers for making the right decision.