Deception: Need and Loved Ones

There are times to tell a lie, and other times to tell the truth. I believe that lying is necessary in some dire situations.

Even though lying Is frowned upon sometime It’s In an Individual’s best Interest in many ways. For example If lying was the only way to save a friend’s life or feelings what would you do? Furthermore, people Ill for two reasons: to protect themselves or their loved ones. They protect themselves from danger with the law, life or death situations, or simply their peers.They protect their loved ones by either not telling them how they truly feel or expressing their feelings for someone else. There are several cases with individuals who have lied to avoid arrest or being found guilty in a court of law. Also, lying isn’t something that is generally perceived as a way out. People want to hold each other accountable in the public, and lie behind close doors.

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No one wants to be known, as a liar for this could be detrimental to their social standing. They can be classified as untrustworthy, loyal, or caring.Those factors are what help rate friendships far as In the workplace, social life, or even family. These are some of the cons of lying, but I feel like the risk Is worth It. I’m not saying I would want to be considered a liar, but some situations the truth Isn’t always need to be told. To keep a secret or Just keep someone out of your business it’s all right to tell a fable or two.

As I said in my previous writing sometimes lying is the only right way in a certain scenario. Lying and deception are tools that have a bad reputation, but can be used for a good cause.