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Loyalty “l will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God. ” With these well-known words, recruits around the United States are sworn into the military every week. Their families gather at the Military Entry Processing Station with excitement to watch them take that first step into our great profession.

Little do they know, loyalty will be the key for success in their career.Often, loyalty makes us think of scenes in movies where characters show rage and love for those involved in their lives. In the military, loyalty is more complex than this. It can be both positive and negative and it is something recruits must display to themselves and their fellow comrades. In her article for Leading for Loyalty, “Employee Loyalty Doesn’t Equal Longevity,” Wendy Peahens states “Today, employee loyalty means that I give my full commitment to the Job ? while I’m on the Job.

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” This is a perfect example of positive loyalty for mission accomplishment.In the military, you’re on the Job every day when you are deployed. You need to stay committed in order to be able to accomplish any mission to the best of your ability.

Recruits will get a small taste of this during the confidence course at basic training. Although its not in a life or death situation, they will be able to see how being loyal to one another can assist on completing small missions faster. Unfortunately, loyalty is not always such a positive force. Often, people act loyally out of fear or insecurity, instead of care which causes us to harm others, instead of helping them.Throughout the military, there have been many examples of people ho have been loyal to other countries or leaders simply out of fear or for money.

A very good example is the case of MAC Has. In an article for Killeen Daily Herald “Hasn’t crime fits treason definition” it states, “On June 4, 2013, Mac. India Has stated in open court that he murdered 13 soldiers at Fort Hood in defense of the leadership of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the Taliban.

” At the time of his murders, the United States had been at war with the Taliban for over eight years. He made an oath to the United States and he chose to be loyal to the enemy.Sometimes, it is not entirely clear to the new recruits whether our loyalties are positive or negative, which is why it is important to remember that loyalty is something that must be displayed within themselves and to their fellow comrades. Only through loyalty to yourself can you truly understand what is good and bad. Drill Sergeants are the perfect example of the need to have loyalty to one’s self and their fellow comrades. Without it, they wouldn’t be Drill Sergeants. You have to be selected in order to become a Drill Sergeant.

Recruits should listen to their advise and follow heir example in order to learn how to be loyal.Loyalty clearly is far more than what the media shows it to be. Through training and experience, young recruits will learn how to be loyal in the military. The key to success will always lie heavily on loyalty. Christmas Vacation After eleven months of being tied up to a busy schedule, whether its work or school, people are always looking forward to their Christmas vacation.

There are many locations where you can go to spend Christmas with your family, but I think that the two best locations in the world to that bring the spirit of Christmas to life are in New York City and in Germany.Both places offer the climate for a variety of memorable fun events. Even though they are thousands of miles away, they both share some similarities that would make your time there enjoyable and unforgettable. When you think of Christmas, the first thing that comes to most people’s minds, as far as climate, is snow and cold. The climate in December for these locations, is what makes them prime for Christmas.

Everyone talks about having a “white Christmas. ” You can have yours at these locations. There is nothing like looking across the horizon and eyeing snow fall right before your eyes, like if it was from a scene of a movie.In New York snow builds up on buildings and bridges while in Germany it builds up on mountains.

Snow is magical and can bring the spirit alive to even the grumpiest person you know. The cold climate in New York City and in Germany is the first barrier to enjoying them, but the climate and the temperature of these zones also determine the types of events they offer. Both of these locations host the best Christmas events in the world.

In New York you can go to Rockefeller Center Plaza, ND see or ice skate under the big tree (there since 1931, now boasting 30,000 lights), and snap a photo or two.It’s worth fighting the crowds, particularly after dark when the lights bounce off the bare shoulders of the golden Prometheus statue or you can go see Macy’s elaborate Santa Land which is an amazing scene of Christmas trees, elves, toy trains and snow-filled wonder. In Germany you can encounter the magic of traditional German Christmas Markets. There you can buy all kinds of Christmas merchandise and gifts, especially traditional things such as crib figurines, toys, wood ravings, marionettes, candles and lambskin shoes to place underneath your Christmas tree.Many are difficult to resist, as will be the glass of delicious mulled wine you are offered and the baked apples that are very welcomed on crisp winter days.

New York and Germany are centrally located regions where they can be easily visited worldwide. They both can be accessed by any method of transportation, but once there you can commute by their railway system. You will no longer have to cancel an event due to means of transportation; New Work’s well-known subway and Germany’s DB Ban that has made headlines worldwide for its simplicity and affordability.In an article for Rural, “Germany’s best Christmas markets by rail,” Laurel Robbins states “hundreds of visitors use the rail to get to Germany’s Christmas markets, that is casting more visitors under its spell every year.

” It can be used during rain, sleet or snow and if you are traveling with a large group, you can transport everyone together at one time. Using the railway is by far the best way to travel while you are in New York or in Germany. It doesn’t matter which place you decide to choose.

The Christmas spirit, fun and excitement are guaranteed.Make a plan to visit these locations for Christmas and you will not regret it. Expansion techniques: Comparison and Contrast Summary I did two different papers with two subjects, one on Christmas vacation and one on loyalty. They vary because my intent was to make the Christmas vacation for a layperson and the loyalty one for a recruit during his first term in the military.

If I wrote both papers on the same subject it really would not relate. Breaking it into different subjects allows me to elaborate on certain areas that would enable the reader to relate to it.