Deli-Cookie liberality. I need to focus on target





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510 – Operations Management

E. Taylor

States University



















My product is not a necessity, but a luxury item,
I should concentrate on individuals who see their dogs as deserving of the
cost. Hence I need to target dog proprietors who love to spoil their dogs, as
well as enjoy richness and liberality. I need to focus on target women that
likes to spend the same amount of, if not more, on her dogs than on
herself.  The lady who regards her dogs
as though it is her own child, a genuine individual from the family.


“They are investing in their pets’ quality of
life. Oftentimes they do this at their own expense, cutting personal expenses,
but not those affecting their faithful companions.” said Bob Vetere who is
president of the American Pet Products Association (, 2011).


Two specific segments I am targeting are:

(1) rich, pleasure-seeking ladies who are by and
large brand cognizant, trend-setters, and pattern adherents

(2) health cognizant youthful grown-ups who are
keen on and lean toward regular fixings and low-fat substitutes.


My brand consolidates just all natural and healthy
ingredients. All natural ingredients are delicious as well. Also It’s so good
you could eat it. But don’t forget Deli-cookie just a snack, not substitute as
a whole meal.


One of the important benefits about Deli-Cookie is
that because of the organic and tasty ingredients we use organic and tasty
ingredients we use. This feature of our item adds to a definitive fulfillment
of having the capacity to impart a treat to your dog, with a specific end goal
to expand the association amongst pet and proprietor. This feeling of sharing
creates positive feelings for the consumer who is ultimately rewarded by
observing their dog upbeat.