Delivery Methods

As I mentioned I already have one child, a beautiful nine-year-old boy. Nine years Is a long time to wait before having another child but we are excited and looking forward to this new addition. My past experience of giving birth was at a hospital, vaginal and with and epidural. I plan on doing things the same way this time around. I am concerned about the effects an epidural can have on the baby and I but I do not believe I can handle the pain, as In my last delivery even with the epidural I was still in minor pain and It was uncomfortable.

All medication used In labor and delivery affects the fetus as well as the mother. Although these drugs enhance some body mechanisms, they usually work to depress most bodily functions, such as respiration, heart rate, blood pressure, and kidney function. (Bigger, 2010) Although the drugs have some possible side effect, I still feel it is right for me. Some long-term effects related to an epidural include headaches, the headaches and last for hours, days or even weeks or come In Intervals.

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However It Is most common for then to go away on there mom Some may experience loss of bladder control, for an undetermined amount of time. This is due to numbed pelvic floor muscles that strain during epidural administration. Bladder symptoms usually disappear as the epidural anesthetic clears the body. Never damage may occur but is UN common and is usually only seen in patients that move a considerable amount during needle administration. A cesarean delivery is something that I would Like to avoid, and has never been an option In my mind, I fear the fact of being cut open and feel that It Is lust so urn-natural.

I do however understand that It Is sometimes needed to keep the baby and the mother safe, and if that was my only option I would of course not question it, however it is not something that I would choose without the doctor finding it necessary. Conditions indicating cesarean delivery include diabetes in mother; an extremely large fetus; genital herpes in the mother, which can be transmitted to the infant during a vaginal delivery; an insufficiently dilated cervix; the possibility of severe hemorrhaging by the mother; multiple births; or breech presentation of the fetus. Radcliff, 2007) I am very thankful I do not fall under any of the Just mentioned. Although things can change from now until delivery, my doctor does not see that we should have any problems and should be able to avoid a cesarean delivery. For myself the idea of giving birth is such an exciting thing, I am excited to meet my little angle but I am filled with emotions from Just about every angle. For example ten melatonin uses ruling ladder Ana allover today are administered with great care, with special attention given to their effects on the well- being of the fetus.

Some evidence suggests medication used during delivery have long-range effects on the child (Stud, 2004), such as delays in development progress (sitting, walking, talking). Whether to use these drugs in delivery and to what degree warrants serious consideration. I have considered the risks associated with this type f delivery and feel that although there are risks, the risks are not great enough and do not happen in enough cases to not use an epidural.