Democracy requires a patriotic education

The article “Democracy Requires a Patriotic Education” that appears in The Wall Street Journal on September 26 illustrates the what the government want to do in school, the want to include in school patriotism. In the article shows that some important figures of the

American history and other important people from other countries want to in clued this in their education. Response completely disagree with the fact that patriotism should promoted at school S to help democracy although the article make some good points like when it said The y reason that if a state or a community is to be good, its citizens must be good… “, I could see ho w making the teachers and faculty at a school give a patriotic education for the kids, would aka them better citizens for what is democracy.

I disagree with the fact that you would have to force the kids to become patriots, I believe that patriotism should be a choice, that it SSH loud be forced upon anyone. Democracy its a matter of ones personal opinion and by forcing g a patriotic education upon children, although it might make communities work better, it is not the governments right to force any kind of education upon their citizens.