Describe an activity

Describe an activity, interest, experience, or achievement in your life (this could be a book, movie or an activity or experience at work, home or school) that has been particularly meaningful to you. I was born and raised in India, the Asian country with vivid history and ancient traditions. I have always loved my country and my town very much. My family greatly helped and supported me in everything I have tried to achieve. The biggest achievement of my life is when I started supporting my family while studying.Unfortunately when I was in first year in college, a disaster happened in my life. My dear father passed away, and this event broke me down.

I could not attend college for three weeks. I felt unable to do anything. I found no sense in it. In India it is not convectional and easy to work and study simultaneously.

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Due to financial condition I had to start working part time. It was sad, tired and hopeless. I could neither incarcerate on study nor on my life.One day I saw my mother tirelessly trying to fix broken cupboard and save money. I realized that this woman left their carrier for children, dedicated her life, lost her husband and still has never complained. She Is still now trying to save money to put her son through college.

That day changed my life. Suddenly there was so much energy, enthusiasm and love inside me that I had two promotions in three years and I passed college with good numbers. This has en my biggest achievement In life so far.I am sure my father is proud of me from somewhere above. My achievements described above were very Important In my life.

However I am rather young, hence I know that the greatest achievements of my life are before me. Of course I have many other various dreams and alms In my life. I want to become good specialist and get a good Job, build a strong loving family and treat my children the way my parents treat me, help people, and make the world around me better.