Description documents The thing about emails is that

Description of method and summary of how it is used. Brief comparison with equivalent methodsBenefits/advantages of this communication channel for user.Issues or problems with the communication channel/ limitations for usersSome form of ideas that has been put into papers or in screen which can be in a form of text, images or tables, letters, newspapers and so on.For the paper part it is mobile and doesn’t require any computer to be accessed, also the paper would be as a permanent record. With the on screen projects it’s easier to make some researchers about that projects so you can add them on later.

By producing more hard copies it will cost more paper and ink so by that it will not be beneficial for the environment. With the on screen part for some people it can be difficult when interacting with these documents  and the reason being is that they cannot remember where something was on a page  It’s a form of a document that can be presented to some form of audions to deliver different kind of points and ideasPresentations are very useful and the reason being is that it can attract more intention rather than a boring long report. Presentation can be quite difficult to perform in some countries because it requires a number of hardware such as computers screen, whiteboards or/and projectors It’s kind of form of a message that can come with attachments like for example presentation documents The thing about emails is that you have the ability to send them to multiple number of people at the same time which is more faster than snail mailsEmail can only be accessed with the internet which it may be difficult to some countries to access also the sender and the receiver must be subscribed to an email service  Webpages are some form of text and moving images that has been coded with HTML or other scripting languages like java for exampleWebpages are almost available to everyone that have internet connection which will allow the users to be provided with informations, entertainments or educations, from the delepores view, website are very easy to update unlike books that it takes a lot of time to be republished for example   Not everyone can create web pages, you have to have so kind of skills on order to do that like being familiar with different coding languages and being able to knitting the elements together to build a user friendly website, also web pages requires internet connection which it might be difficult to most users to access   Is like an online diary that talk about your daily live or some real life experiences that you can share it with other people.Being able to share your stories and thoughts with different people, knowing other people’s problems so by that you can help them and avoid these kind of situation if that happens to youThey are the same disadvantages as the web pages but there is a software that is available to help the bloggers   Vlog is like Blogs but in a video format and usual it can added with some text and images to provide a better context for the audience.It can allow the vloggers to air their views on the internet and also they have the same benefits as the Webpages.The same disadvantages as webpages It’s a way to deliver the files into the public through the internet and usually they are large audio files.People that are subscribed to these kind of file they will receive all the new file automatically and also it will allow them to decide what to hear or watch and whenIn order to access the podcasts you will need to have access to the intervet for you to download all the files and you have to pay a certain fee in order to subscribe for these podcasts

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