Desktop Migration Proposal

Windows 8 is built on the foundation of Windows 7. Windows 8 can use the same hardware that was used for Windows 7. Throughout my proposal, I will show you how plan to have HACK, LLC upgrade to Windows 8 smoothly, and be able to add new hardware, like tablets. The proposal will also address issues of concern like Group Policies to control access to applications, how data storage will be managed, the network, security, and monitoring of the varies workstations to name a few areas.

Description of Hardware Needed for Upgrade HACK, LLC will not have to do much buying of new hardware, due to Windows 8 being able to work on the same hardware as Windows 7, which hey already have in place. However, I will have them implement a Metropolitan Network (MAN) with gigabit Ethernet connection. The MAN will allow HACK, LLC to have great internet speeds. They are going to have fast download and upload speeds of critical information, so employees will be able to work from anywhere through the use of mobile devices, such as tablets like they wanted.

They will also have to buy a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to help keep the new network secure. I would also have them set up a cloud network through the Skydive feature of Windows 8 to allow for faster avian of keys files so they can be download on any of the companies’ computers being used no matter where the employee is at. This few changes, will give HACK, LLC many options on how they choice to use their network as a LANA connections or wireless connection to conduct daily business activities in the future and give them many options of adding new features they feel are needed.

The Windows 8 Hardware Requirements Architecture ex. (32-bit) ex. (64-bit) Processor 1 GHZ Memory (RAM) KGB KGB Graphics Card Directs 9 graphics device with WED 1. 0 or higher driver HAD free space KGB KGB Migration to Windows 8 The first step of the migration process is the backup all key files and data that will be needed after the new software is up and running. Will have them save the data to the Skydive cloud network, and also to an external hard drive. The external hard drive will be stored in a safe and secure location off site.

Having the key information stored someone safe allows HACK, LLC to always have a copy of the valuable data they need in a safe place. So if someone was to hack the network they can erase everything to protect the data, or set up traps knowing they will be able to download the valuable information once the hack is contained and stopped. The second step is to educate the employees that will be using the new system on a daily basis, as well as education the IT help support department on how to help them when issues arise. This will be done by having everyone take online quizzes and virtual lab exercise through a program like Tautest. Mom or Compact. Com. Making sure that employees have most Of their concerns and ideas on the table will help ensure everyone is on the same page, and ready to use the need system upgrade to help better daily activities to improve the company. This is a very vital step in the migration process to Windows 8. With change you will always have concerns and resistance. However, by helping the employees gain knowledge and input into how the new system will be use helps relieve some of the resistance and helps the company gain numerous ideas they might not have thought of.

The last step is to update the BIOS system and device drivers. This will ensure that you have the latest updates in place so no problems are occurred during the upgrade to cause the process to be delayed, and make the downtime between the upgrade longer that it deeds to be. We also want to make sure as many applications as possible have the latest updates as well. We also want to make sure that our MAN network is in place and working well so we can use wired internet connection during the whole upgrade to make sure we have stable internet connection throughout the process of upgrading to Windows 8.

This will ensure that Windows 8 can also automatically make updates to device drivers and other key features that we might have missed. Tablet for use after Upgrade to Windows 8 HACK, LLC will utilize a Microsoft Surface 2 tablet. These mobile devices ill enable the employees to assist customers in the office as well in the field or customers’ homes. Microsoft Surface 2 tablet was design to use Windows 8 and will allow employees to use some features like, touchstones, that might not be available on the desktops and laptops already at the job.

It will allow them mobility as well. They will be able to move around the office, or use the tablet at home to still get work done. This tablet will be a big help also during business trips. The tablet allows the company to have face to face meetings with each other by using KEEP or another program to make video calls. Use of Microsoft Account after Upgrade to Windows 8 users will be required to link a Microsoft account to Windows 8. This will allow them to easily transfer files, contacts, and settings they already have in place to any computer they sign up on.

By just signing into your Microsoft account and having all the information you need at any computer you sign on will allows the employee to get right to work and not worry about losing valuable data by not transferring it right. They can even transfer any personal themes or photos they have customized on their own station. Being able to use any vice in the setting you have already established allows you to keep important organize easily and access them easily when they are needed. By also using a Microsoft account on Windows 8 you will have the opportunity to use more valuable features that will help make day to day activities easier.

Microsoft account will also allow HACK, LLC to have an email database where employees can communicate with each other no matter where they are working at. Group Policy to Control Applications Access Group policies will be used to control access to application, as well as the length of time a password is valid. Group policies will allow employees to access only applications and data that are required to do their job. For example, sales employees will not have access to IT support documents. Group policy use will allow system administrators make changes throughout the company at a centralized area.

This make sure that everyone is under the same requirements no matter what computer they are logged unto. Group policy use will also help make sure that security features are in affect to make sure data is keep secured and everyone is not able to have an integrity issues arise. Storage Management and Offline Files Each section of HACK, LLC will be allocated their own storage space. Many of the main files will be stored three ways. First it will be stored on the Skydive, an external hard drive, and storage pools on the computer. This will ensure that important data is not lost due to improper computer use, or network outages.

Being able to have the data at your disposal at all times is vital in the efficiency of the company on a daily basis. Management will also be better on Windows due to the fact that we can specify how big the size allocated to the storage can be. Policies will be developed over time to come p with sufficient storage sizes so HACK, LLC never has any Space available to store valuable data. Also certain data will be archived to an external drive and Skydive after a certain time to keep space available. Using offline files will allow access to files stored in shared network folders when the network copies are unavailable.

This will be done by management with the help of key employees to help choose the network files that need to be made available offline. Windows will automatically sync the offline files whenever they are saved and during mandatory file saving at night. Most of all, HACK, LLC will till be able to be efficient in doing daily tasks if the network becomes unstable and slow. System Protection and Security The network will be place on a Cisco VPN. The Virtual Private Network (VPN) will allow the employees to access the company databases through a secure network. This is an important thing for the employees.

Being able to access information securely away from the office and at the office helps keep information confidential no matter where you are working from. The VPN will also allow HACK, LLC to set up an intranet system for employees to make changes to certain HER documents and be able to access important files that hey might need after work hours. The VPN will also be used to protect the MAN network. Skydive and the wireless network will be the main areas under the VPN. Being able to use tablets and be mobile can only happen by having the VPN in place to keep them secure.

System protection will also be implemented to ensure important files are not lost by error modifications or the network going done. Restore points will be created close of business every day to make sure you can get valuable data back. Restore points will be automatically created after major system updates and changes. System retention will also use system images to help recover lost data. System images will also be created close of business every day. Even though restore points are use, it is also important to have another recovery option just in case something valuable was not saved doing either method.

Monitoring of Workstations System monitoring will be done on the system every week. Reports and graphs will be printed out and discussed at weekly meetings to make sure system is performing at a high level. Make sure everything is running correctly is needed to ensure that the computers are moving at an efficient rate to pep employees on project completion dates. System monitoring will also allow HACK, LLC to make sure storage spaces, CHIP usages, RAM, and other key components are always at recommended levels or upgrades quickly when needed to ensure optimal performance levels.

Conclusion Whenever you are upgrade from one Windows version to the next, you have to have a plan in place that will ensure you company does not have a long downtime. By following my proposal, I feel HACK, LLC will be able to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 smoothly and quickly. They will experience little downtime. By first backing up valuable data and keeping a pop at an offset you ensure that you have the data in case of an accident. Planning for the unexpected allows you to stay on your timeline to completion.