Detecting Bias

Detecting Media Bias Everyone has their opinion. How much opinion should be allowed when it comes to the news? Is it possible to see a reporter’s bias when they report the events happening in our towns, states, country, or the world? This is when the reader, listener, or viewer needs to follow specific tips to understand the Information at hand. The public has the ability to differentiate between facts and Impressions.

Recently, there was an article online about a bill that has stumbled In Wisconsin Legislature. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has been trying to rescue his bill.Governor Walker wants to see tax-payer funded schools held accountable.

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According to the article School’s accountability measure struggles despite Walker’s backing this Is one of the biggest bills presented. It calls for Justification for billions of dollars that the state has spent for public and private schools. When reading this type of an article the reader has many distinctions to make. There is the distinction of who it is and the concept. With this article the who is Governor Walker and the concept is the bill.

There are many people in the state of Wisconsin who are not fans of the Governor.These people would need to look past the who. Another distinction would be fact and interpretation . Fact is reality or truth while interpretation is someone’s own view.

Within this article the author stuck with facts but did list other’s interpretation of what Governor Walker was doing or not doing about this bill. At times the author may use irony to get his or her point across. The reader must not take all the information presented literally. After I had skimmed, reflected and then dead the article, School’s accountability measure struggles despite Walker’s backing, I sat back to reflect again.The author I do not feel put his bias in the article but there were many opinions of other government officials.

It was an equal amount of for and against Governor Walker. In these opinions there were assumptions of what the governor was actually not working on behind closed doors. These biases from others had me questioning the credibility of some of the information. Even though these were opinions of others I felt as though these opinions were using words to slant the Tory for certain viewers.Slanting a story is when a Journalist uses specific words to either sway the reader or have a certain group of readers gage. Parts of this story were Informative when it came down to facts and I believe all the facts were touched on. I felt they emphasized on the fact that the governor has spoken about tax cuts and Job related bills more often than the accountability bill. This type of story would not be able to work as well on television without cutting half of the quotes given by other government officials.

I feel they would have had to suck with more of the facts. I believe the same when It comes to the radio. In a news story when there are many number facts It Is easier for the reader to understand the amount visually. When it comes to news articles you need the facts with the views of both sides to fully understand the topic at hand.

Too many impressions can overwhelm someone where it becomes too much and they are not interested in the article. The public should be able to reflect on the information to differentiate facts and biases.