Diagnostic Essay

When it comes to writing, have several weaknesses and little strength. Writer’s block is definitely a big weakness for me since It takes about thirty minutes for me to get a good flow going.

I could also use some help when It comes to the organization and overall flow of my papers. I also tend to write as If I’m talking; that’s definitely something that I want to change. Lastly I would really Like to learn how to correctly cite sources for research papers. As for my strengths, I like to believe that I’m very good at grammar and proofreading.Anytime I’ve ever been given an essay to write, I have trouble starting. There always seems to be a better way to start a paper and so choosing any one thesis and sticking to it can be a challenge for me at times; whether it’s a persuasive, informative, or narrative piece.

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I’m not sure if there’s a way to correct writers block since every writer has suffered from it at one point or another, but I would really like to learn how to minimize it as much as possible. I feel that being able to lower the occurrence of it would make me a better and more efficient writer.Essay organization Is something that I have a grasp on, but believe that I could use some Improvement. Yes, I was taught how to organize a paper, but as far as translational smoothly from one topic to another Is something that I could use some work on. Once I’m able to properly go from one point of Interest to another, I think that my papers will make more sense, they’ll be able to better portray what I’m trying to say in them, and the reader might enjoy it more. Anyone which ever read any of my works has always told me that I write as if I’m talking.This is probably the biggest hang I want to see in my writing this semester. If I’m able to write properly, my works will have a more professional feel to them.

Since I plan to become a clinical psychologist, anything I write needs to have a very objective and medical feel to them. I would love to be able to hone my writing skills to the point where there’ll be very little “Xi’s” throughout my writings. Becoming a clinical psychologist means that I’ll be going all the way up too doctorate level In my studies, that being said, I’ll eventually have to write a dissertation.So It’s definitely more Important than ever for e to learn how to properly and clearly write research and factual papers. One thing that I never really grasped properly was how to correctly cite papers in ML and PAP format.

This weakness goes hand in hand with being able to properly write and thesis paper and eventually a dissertation. In high school I was able to float by without having to ever really learn how. This is something that I’m sure I’ll learn during the semester. Not only because I want to learn but also because it’s only fair and right to give credit to its originator.I know that if I ever publish any type of work I loud want and deserve my credit.

Eve always been a fan of always becoming better. I personally feel that everyone could always use improvement. With that being said, Eve continuously loved editing and proofreading not only my papers but my peers papers as well.

I love the Idea of going back and making adjustments and improvements to better a paper. By correcting yourself and your peers, you’re able to make yourself and others around you a better writer and a better person. I see all college coursework becoming easier by improving my writing, and hopefully I’m able kills as an editor.