The one I choose for analyzing is a kind of gel, named Ice Sport After Shave. I found it in the mirror cabinet and the reason why I choose is that it is very comfortable to cool my skin by using it after shaving.

This gel can be used for refreshing and soothing man’s skin. More, it can keep my face firm, toned and fit so I think it is useful for my weekly shaving. The gel named Ice Sport After Shave is in a blue bottle and there are two labels on it.In the front label, we can see the design house which is AQUA VALVE and its product name.

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There are also some words beneath the names in English and French words. They are COOLING AFTER SHAVE, to tell the owner how and when to use it. In the rear label, The first line indicates that this gel has a fresh clean scent and vitamin enriched. It is hard to check the vitamin existed but It smells so fragrant for hours and can attract women like a magnet.

The second line is about caution.It warns that t is flammable until dry and do not apply it near fire, flame or heat and avoid storing above CHIC. I think this caution Is valid and reasonable as this product Is made up of alcohol which is very dangerous with fire or heat. The last line is about ingredients of this product. It is some kind of complicated but the most two Important ones are alcohol and fragrance which proves what I say In the previous.

Although It maybe one of the cheapest aftershaves In the shop, but for me It Is the best as I can get perfect balance between the leathery musk scent and alcohol scents.