Diamond city

Directed Writing Speeches Welcome to Diamond city. As your tour guide, I will be giving you the basic knowledge about diamonds; the process, careers, methods to promote the sales of diamonds and etc. At a diamond mine, you usually find small dirty gray stones that are so dense that they show the speed of light but you can also find rough diamonds that are cold to the touch but are drawing heat right from your fingers.

Diamonds can e used as Jewelry, as you may have known, but also for industrial purposes. The Diamond Industry is an enormous one and is worth over 50 billion dollars a year. One of the first methods of sales is the promotion through entertainment. Many famous companies used diamonds to promote their business. Entertainers have amortized diamonds as a “girl’s best friend” and have been popular worldwide. Another method of sales is the creativity of diamond marketing. It’s used to encourage the sales of diamonds by mainly targeting woman.Companies associate diamonds with “endless love” and “eternal value” because diamonds are forever.

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Diamonds, to females, measure up to a man’s love based on the size. For instance, American Basketball Star, Kobo Bryant, spent five million dollars on a diamond ring for his wife. Some advertisements are primarily directed towards men conveying that if you can’t win her with love and affection then buy her a diamond. In the diamond industry, there are many career opportunities available. You can be a driller.These are people who take the time and drill into the ground in order to find the small grey stones. You can also be a equipment operator.

These are people who are responsible for transporting or bogging , waste rock and soil or onto trucks or to differentiates of a mining operation. You can also be a laboratory assistant/ these are people who collect and prepare samples, carry out experiments, make measurements with scientific equipment and record results and present them for analysis. There are many things done in the Diamond industry.