Did On the other hand, we shouldn’t hide

you know that checking your phone every morning is a common thing for 45% of
people?  But, that’s not all…. Currently, social network is an integral part of our daily life and present occasion shows how rapidly social media
elaborates day by day. The fact is
that social media subconsciously affects us.How and positively or negatively, I will consider

First of all,
the most important part of social media and communicational technology is interacting with each
other. Social networks such as VK, WhatsApp, Facebook helps us to keep in touch
with our friends, family.Besides,
it helps to build new relationships, find out people with the same interests. Experts
affirms that every eighth person met with his or
her couple on the Internet. It is surprisingly,
isn’t? Also, social media is one more step for self-development. You want to learn
Italian language, acquire knowledge in physics or
improve your writing skills, please YouTube and other online-lessons at
your service.In
addition, internet is a place, where we can express ourselves, get inspiration
and share with our feelings, mental stresses and followers may support you with
advice, if you have some problems. Eventually, the most common function of
social media is globality. Information exchange can help each other, even safe
someone`s life. Don`t believe me? Let`s give a live examples:
Caroline Greeves, who diagnosed her cancer by herself, based on her symptoms or
Ann Marie Walsh, who were homeless,  however due to Twitter her life is changed.
So the social network is quite useful.

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On the other hand, we shouldn’t hide negative affects of social media on human`s life. First what social network do is exert influence on our physical and mental health. Have you notice, that year by year people becomes more occupied? One of the reasons is people starts to compare their lives with others, what can lead to jealousy and fear of  being ignored. Furthermore, users deceive themselves by thoughts that if they have a lot of followers or friends, it means there are becomes more social. In other words, they gets false sense of connection. In social media, also takes place cyberbullying. The table below illustrates that teenagers  are the most common users of social media and as they are have fragile psyche, it`s easy to damage their mental health, what can lead to difficult consequences. Moreover, the communicational technology has dangerous aspects like stalking, hacking, because of availability.Anyone can get information about you and blackmail you. For instance, 2 years ago in some countries of CIS there was a situation in VK. Because of what in average, 100 teens committed suicide fearing that their parents will be killed. To sum up I want to say that it is difficult to decide on question is social media useful for us or we shouldn`t use this. I think that gradually we must eliminate and try to prevent  different psychological diseases. After all, social media is just an illusion.