Did that a lot of other students in

you know that when students wear uniforms that the work better and get things
done quicker? Imagine yourself in school worrying about what you’re wearing
simply because it isn’t the “name- brand” things. With uniforms you don’t need
to worry about that.

            Wearing uniforms can prevent gangs
and gang colors from happening at school. In schools there are “gangs”, and
they are often interpreted simply by the clothing that they choose to wear to
school. When kids can wear whatever they want, they really will no matter what
the consequence is for them. Next, when some kids are dressed a certain way, it
can lead them to do bad things since it has them think that if they are dressed
a certain way then they can act that way. Kids are persuaded to act a certain
reason by what they are wearing. For instance, if there is a little girl let’s
say wearing a crop top and short shorts then she is most likely going to try to
act like a teenager since she is dressed like one. Overall, a uniform can
really benefit and act as a stopper to the gangs and the inappropriate clothes
that kids wear inside of schools.

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            Reduce distractions amongst the
students and faculty. When students are in class, sometimes they worry about
what they are wearing, and that it “Isn’t cool enough!” Simply because they may
not have all the NAMEBRAND things that a lot of other students in their class
might have or have on. If I got to wear whatever I wanted to school, along with
my peers, I’m sure that we would all be comparing our outfits to one another.
Next, without the risk of getting a dress code violation, it will reduce the
distractions for the teachers/ faculty and students. Without worrying about
what everyone is wearing, there will be less distractions for the teachers and
the students, and they will be able to get more work done! Finally, with
everyone dressed the same, the students and the teachers/ faculty will be able
to get way more work done due to the fact that there won’t be as many
distractions in their classes. Some examples of distractions are the fact the
teachers must make sure that everyone is within dress code, or that their
clothing is appropriate for the school environment and with uniforms the
teachers will only have to do a short skim over the class and see if someone
looks different they will be able to tell since everyone will be wearing the
same thing.

            Although some kids are only able to
express themselves through their clothes, they will be able to find a new way
to try and express themselves. They could express themselves through their art
and try to find a new way to express themselves and who knows, maybe they will
even do better in school since everyone looks the same. With everyone looking
the same, these students might not have to worry about what people think of
them or worrying about people judging them since they look the same as the
others. Now I understand that some uniforms aren’t the cutest thing in the
world, but it certainly does have some perks to it. You don’t have to worry
about picking out a new outfit every day, it saves a lot of time getting ready
in the mornings, and you might even be able to get some more sleeps since you
are saving about twenty minutes of picking out an outfit. I think that uniforms
are great for any school and they should be enforced at many schools if they
are having difficulties with the students not following the dress code and or
wearing inappropriate things to school.

            Overall, wearing uniforms can really
benefit to all the students and faculty because they are time saving and there
will be less distractions. Gangs will also be lessoned do to the fact that they
are now no longer to wear their gang or “gang colors” to school anymore and
this could also lesson the violence that happens at school. Now, you can’t tell
me that you don’t want more sleep in the mornings even if it is twenty minutes
and with uniforms that can happen!