Did you Learn the Hard Way?

“When you find your path, you must not be afraid. You need to have sufficient courage to make mistakes. Disappointment, defeat, and despair are the tools God uses to show us the way.

“, quotes famous novelist, Paulo Cello. This quote Is what gives me hope to know that the path to success is not through being perfect, but through mistakes and the life lessons learned from it along the way. I am a person who learns primarily by mistakes and failures.

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For me, it is a chance of growth to gain wisdom from. Most of all my unsuccessful moments made me who I am in life. I am able to learn from my mistakes.One of my most significant mistakes was trusting my God-sister. For twelve years she was my best friend, and she was the only person I ever trusted with everything.

She knew me from the inside out, but little did I know she would be the same person to backstab and betray me. This was definitely the most hurtful and hardest lesson in my life I had to grasp; not everyone can be trusted completely. She ended up gossiping behind my back and telling my family members my most confidential secrets. I was so deeply hurt and confused that she loud do something Like that because I would never Intentionally do that to her.This taught me to not ever completely trust anyone In my life ever again because people are people, and it’s unfortunately inevitable that even the closest people to me will fail, disappoint, and hurt me. Although there was good that came from this, this taught me to never speak a negative word about anyone, especially those close to me.

I never want someone to experience the hurt I felt when the same was done unto me. I also made a great mistake taking my dad’s truck when I wasn’t permitted to. First of al, I had no license and secondly his truck was Illegal.

The day I took his truck Is the day after he got arrested for It because It didn’t have the correct license plates, and both his registration, and his drivers license were both expired for two years. But that day, I needed a way to go to work few minutes from my home. I was desperate, and I didn’t want to ask my boss, who lived down the road from me, for a ride. I thought I was doing no wrong because it was only down the road, and it’s impossible I could get caught. After I finished work, wanted to relax and take a drive to the beach.

That’s where I knew I was taking a risk, and Just reminded myself to be careful. Later, when I went home my parents found out I used the truck. Consequently, they were both terribly livid and told me my mistakes could have risked my entire family losing their property and my father’s truck permanently confiscated by the government if anything bad were to happen. This truly awakened my realization of every decision I make always affects other people around me. Also, to not always make decisions based on my current emotions or feelings.I am who I am today, In part because of he hurt and betrayal caused by my God-sister, and the consequences that came from driving my fathers truck without permission. I stayed in Hawaii for my first year of college.

I always wanted to go to the mainland for college, to get away from home, and experience something new. So my Junior and senior year I dedicated myself to my studies to make sure I can get into my dream graduated I thought I was ready to leave. As the time came closer to leave to college, the more I hesitated to leave.

The knowing of the cost of tuition for my school and the cost of living worried me.I didn’t know how to cook for myself, I was barely disciplined in my responsibilities, and already started missing my family. I noticed how mentally unprepared I was to become independent. So, I decided to put my application on hold and stay at home for the first semester or two and get the feel of college life for a while. Because I did, I did not have to take out any student loans leaving me debt free for my first year of college. My financial aid even gave me extra money to buy me a computer. Now, I have more control of being independent and where to prioritize my responsibilities for my future college plans.I also feel I am now ready to venture out on my own thanks to staying here for college.

Staying in Hawaii and close to home was one of the most rewarding decisions I have ever made. In my life, I learned that no matter how bad, hurtful, or terrible something may seem, there can almost always be a good outcome to any situation, depending on how you view it. Just as my best friend for twelve years betrayed and hurt me, I learned to never speak a negative word of anyone close to me. Knowing the painful hurt I experienced, never do I want anyone else going through what I went through.I live that is the beauty of pain- to not want anyone else go through what I experience.

I am a wiser person in making decisions due to my mistakes, like taking my father’s illegal truck to go to work and the beach, not knowing the severe consequences it would entitle. I now have my priorities in order putting school and my career first instead of focusing on an unhealthy relationship. These are all my greatest life lessons that changed my perspectives in life and made the person who I am today- a wiser, sweeter, and more confident person ready to put back more positivist into the world.