I have waited this for so long I don’t know why but I loved this years of hell maybe because I want different surroundings,different set of friends,a new world,a new big world wherein I can walk freely,inhaled fresh air,experience new adventure wherein I can find a little bit of freedom I’m seeking for years now. I love this more than high school except the fact that high school life Is more easy than college but I think college Is much more interesting and fun than high school. Why? Maybe because In college I can do whatever I want to do, no one will spoil the moment.I can act as crazy as I can without thinking of others pollen. Sometimes I want my high school days back wherein I can sleep for plenty of hours,wherein you can enjoy every single moment and time of your life and most especially there’s no used of studying because anything happens you’ll going to pass. That kind up set up was what I missed about high school of course It Includes the happy moments I had with my friends. All the memories,the good and the bad one. All the crazy things we did but that is the only things I wanted to go back in my high school years.

But in college lull give your very best to study all your lessons,you stayed all night just to review and review and review all your lessons for your exams but you ended failed. I enjoyed my high school years despite of all the bad memories. And compare to high school, college has it’s own way of being interesting. I don’t know what is so interesting about college but I found it like that. I’m waiting a lot of adventures ahead on this 4 years of sweet hell. I want to explore and experience many things. I want to be independent and I want to have a lot of memories to be treasured for the rest of my life.

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